The Second Time Around

 sending your second child to school, starting kindergarten, starting schoolWith Kahlei starting school this year, I have come to the conclusion that it should be illegal to have to send two children off to kindergarten in consecutive years.

For whatever reason, I am finding this year so much more difficult than last year. Sending Ellie off to school 12 months ago was such a big step, as it is for any family and I am feeling like I haven’t had a chance to recover and get my head around having to do it all again so soon. I feel raw and worried and unsure of how I will juggle all that lies ahead.

sending your second child to school, starting kindergarten, starting school

Contrary to what the photos tell us, Kahlei was very excited and super keen to start school. While Ellie was looking forward to the social side, Kahlei is currently more interested in learning. She’s a fan of words and writing and learning to read and I think she will really blossom under the gentle guidance of either of our kinder teachers (we won’t know for a couple of weeks yet as they like to get to know them before finalizing classes).

I thought the second time around would be easier. And, in some respects it is. She is confident within the school, with the teachers and has a good rapport with Ellie’s group of friends. She is comfortable in her classroom and knows how it all works – already she is happy to do things Ellie wouldn’t do until the last term of last year, like not clinging onto James in the morning and running off to play instead.

sending your second child to school, starting kindergarten, starting school

In so many other ways, though, it’s just not. I worry so about her making friends, about the fact that the kinder this year is chock full of girls, having learned last year that the bitchiness and playground politics comes into effect basically as soon as they start, about no longer having her at home with me to see what she’s up to and do things together.

I feel a little bit lost. Thankfully, Jasper doesn’t yet really have a grasp on what’s happening. He’s used to Kahlei going to day care one day a week and given that she has only been twice now, it hasn’t been any different yet. Hopefully, I will have myself together by the time it dawns on him and he goes through his lost stage.


I am sure we only just brought her home, with her skinny arms and almost red hair. It seems impossible that we have already come to this stage. Watching her step out from under my wing and out into the world, even if it’s just a tad, is so bitter sweet.

Did you send a child off to kindy this year?
Did you find sending consecutive children harder or easier?

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  1. I hope both of your beautiful girls have settled in well. This scares me, whilst we are still a couple of years away from starting school, my boys will be heading off in consecutive years as well… I’m struggling now just with my baby boy growing up (he is 8mths old) and I seem to be holding onto the ‘baby’ stage for as long as I possibly can this time around.

  2. It was second time around for me too – but I’m a few years ahead of you! My second child – Miss 17 – started working this year (finished Year 12 in November) and I must admit I am missing her like crazy!! (Shhh don’t tell anybody!)

    Visiting today from #teamIBOT

  3. Doesn’t it go quickly! You have two beautiful girls. Be proud and happy. Dropping by from #IBOT.

  4. Yep I sent my boy off, and although he is my third to go to school, it was the hardest by far. I’m going to be a mess when my youngest starts pre school in a few months!

  5. All my babies are in school now except one who finished last year. We sent our eldest boy off to high school and that was very difficult also. For me it is the fear of the unknown, I am unsure if they will be ok, I am unsure if I will be ok. Somehow, we muddle through and before you know it, they are starting another new chapter in their lives. Hope it all settles quickly for you xxx

  6. I have a year between all of mine, so my middle off next year and my baby goes in 2017! Bet it’s tough alright, no chance to get your head around it really. I have 2 friends in the same boat, with still a young one at home. They are gorgeous x

  7. Mr 4’s Daycare has a kindy program so no transition this year but he is off to prep next year. I’m not sure how I feel about it all just yet. Ask me again at the end of the year!

  8. My girl is in K1 this year too. Time is really just flying by! BUT she is happy to learn and be with friends there , so I’m really glad she likes going and doesn’t make too much fuss being away from home :p

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  9. Gorgeous photos!
    It’s hard sending them to school. I have one left at home now out of 6. I enjoy the peace but I miss my tiny baby days with my bigger ones too.

  10. It’s hard sending them out into the big wide world. It’s also tough having to do it repeatedly. You will adapt, and she will grow and learn.

  11. What gorgeous photos. Hope you begin to feel more peaceful about all this really soon xxx


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