Welcome to the Dark Ages

Last week I didn’t get around to blogging at all, even though I desperately wanted (needed) to. Two things in my life, which I obviously did not appreciate nearly enough – especially in conjunction with each other – threw the towel in, possibly in protest for all they have to do to keep the household running smoothly without break or praise or pay rise.

It started with the washing machine. It simply had had enough, even after being given a revamp last year with new bits and all. So, the twin tub is back, making my life a misery. I feel like I’ve only just got a load on moments before it’s chug-chugging at me to go in and change water/switch clothes over/put clothes in the spinner. If I’m not filling it or emptying it, I’m switching out clothes. I am pretty sure I spend more time with it than my family.

Then, the dishwasher decided it was over all the work it has to do and had a meltdown. The guy came to look at it two weeks ago now and we’re waiting for the landlord to okay the repair. So, added to my night time routine before I get to sit and blog is hand washing the dishes, emptying the clothes racks of washing and hanging the last load of the day, all while listening to Ellie doing her reader and reminding Jasper he’s meant to be in bed. By the time I get to blog I am too tired to think. I’m even contemplating skipping making the lunches, if it will give me 20 extra minutes (which I won’t really do because then it takes even longer in the morning).

I am definitely guilty of not realising exactly how much time these modern day appliances save me. Once I’m no longer hand washing the dishes I tend to forget sooner rather than later. Much of my Bathurst time was spent without a dishwasher, often for up to 8 people, yet here I am completely frazzled.

I guess, we adapt to what we have, right? With the dishwasher, I have created a routine which worked and left me time to blog at night when I felt the urge. I hate the rushed, too-too-many-things-happening-at-once feeling and not being able to give Ellie’s reading my attention 100%. I have tried to get her to do it earlier in the night but if I want fuss free, this is when she will do it.

It’s a bit ridiculous how reliant we (I) can become on things we (I) could, actually, live without. Still, I will be gladly letting the repair guy in once he’s got the go ahead and I won’t be saying no when James suggests a new washing machine. Incidentally, today is our 7th wedding anniversary today and I told James months ago that it was his responsibility to plan something this year, so I will probably be dining somewhere ever-so-fancy, sipping on cocktails, child free and thinking about desserts while you’re reading this (*cough cough*).

Tell me I’m not alone in being indebted to a machine for keeping things running?

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  1. You are definitely not alone! We have to move at the end of May as the landlord is putting our house on the market and I won’t even view houses that don’t have dishwashers. It’s a deal breaker.

  2. Ohhh dear Becky, am thinking you might be describing what I’m in for very, very soon. All the appliances in my house are about 12 years old and they’re ALL showing signs of being on their last legs… Have a horrible feeling they’ll all go at once… (And no you’re totally not alone – life’s manic enough without trying to get by with all those wonderful things that help!)
    Happy wedding anniversary!!

  3. Having had a dishwasher now for 8 years I can’t imagine living without it. I have a fear my washing machine may be slowly dying at the moment… I’d be constantly doing housework if we didn’t have so many machines to help us. I can’t imagine how people did it in the olden days when they had like 14 kids.

  4. Happy anniversary! You are spot on, we have had a dishwasher for the past 10 years and I really don’t know what I would do without it. My Mum still has a twin tub washing machine, she refuses to get rid of it as she claims it does a much better job than the new ‘modern’ machines.

  5. I was just thinking today that I’m glad we didn’t have a dishwasher in our last house, because it didn’t bother me at all that we don’t have one at the new house. I’ve never ever had one, and whilst I hate dishes, I guess I just don’t think about what it would be like to not have to do it!
    Hate it when the washing machine goes on the blink though. That is super annoying.

  6. Oh no that sucks! As soon as I read “two things” I thought “for me it would be washing machine and dishwasher!!” I hope they’re fixed/replaced ASAP and that you had a wonderful night out – happy anniversary! -Aroha (for #teamIBOT)

  7. We had no dishwasher for two days and I swear I was the cranky pants mole I never knew existed. Silly. But not having a washing machine, that is serious shiz! Great pic of you losing it 🙂


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