Bega, Bermagui and Back

Recently, we changed things up and drove to Bega to buy a mop. We don’t have a Big W here and they were on special, so I half jokingly suggested we go get one and James surprisingly agreed.

We piled in the car and drove down the coast.

We lunched on the Fishermens Wharf in Bermagui after fish spotting off the side of the wharf itself, eating delicious fish and chips and enjoying the gorgeous views.


James then took us to Blue Pool, a simply stunning natural pool cut into the base of the rocky cliff. Had I known about this place during the summer months, we certainly would have been visiting.

Bermagui, Blue Pool, Natural pool, Ocean pool, ocean bath, NSW South Coast,

Bermagui, Blue Pool, Natural pool, Ocean pool, ocean bath, NSW South Coast, steps
We made our way down the steps, which was no problem on the way down but a completely different story on the way back – they were much steeper than we realised and had most certainly multiplied while we were down the bottom. The kids paddled in the smaller pool before exploring the surrounding rock pools and finding crabs.

Bermagui, Blue Pool, rock pools, exploring rock pools, Natural pool, Ocean pool, ocean bath, NSW South Coast,

We continued south on our mop finding mission and returned home in the evening. We may have technically spent most of the day traveling but we were all much happier and relaxed for taking our time, exploring and doing something different to what we would normally do.

Bermagui, Blue Pool, Natural pool, Ocean pool, ocean bath, NSW South Coast,
It’s been so easy to slip into a routine of school, activities and not much branching out during the term and taking this trip was so refreshing. I’m promising myself we will do more changing it up and more exploring of the beautiful places closer to home.

echidna, australian wild life, nsw south coast

I even saw my first Echidna crossing the road. Cute little fellow.

Do you change things up often?
Tell me one place I absolutely must take my family to?

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  1. What a cute little echidna! Sounds like a fantastic day, and that pool looks gorgeous. We don’t change things up nearly as much as we should here. Not always as easy as it sounds is it?

    Leaving some fairy wishes and butterfly kisses from #teamIBOT

    • Isn’t it just the cutest Echidna? I loved it. It was a beautiful day.
      If only it was that easy, hey? Often, I have the thoughts but not the energy for follow through, thankfully we managed on this occasion!

  2. I see the odd socks rule has branched out to odd thongs as well… 🙂

    • Oh for sure! And, Jazzy has bright green nail polish on, but you can’t really see it well but that’s why I took the photo to show their little quirks.

  3. What gorgeous photos lovely – and nothing better than an road trip, even if it added money to the cost of broom, looks like a nice family bonding day out! That pool looks fab x

    • Thank you! It was definitely worth a little extra cost! So fun

  4. How far did you have to drive Becky?
    I like the idea of a family day trip where you stop and look at everything on the way. I’m usually far too focused on the destination to enjoy the journey sadly.

    • Bega is about 2 hours away, so it wasn’t too far all up. I used to be all about the destination but this was way too nice and now I am learning to appreciate the trip.


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