What a Rainbow Loom Taught Me


Up until a couple of days ago, my kids had no idea about the new loom craze. They didn’t know what they were, what they did or that they ‘needed’ them. And, so, I did what any sane parent would do; I actively sought out a loom to bring into our home.

I thought it would be a wonderful activity for my girls to enjoy together, as they have been butting heads quite a lot now that Kahlei’s at school. I also thought it would help develop their fine motor skills and be a great way to entertain them over the holidays.

Unfortunately, finding a loom proved quite difficult, nowhere locally had them and mostly, assistants where I asked about them looked at me like I was quite mad.

Then, Nanna found us one and our house officially became Looming Mad.

looming, loom, bands, bracelet

“It’s awesome!”

When I opened our kit, I couldn’t read the instructions properly. My first attempt at making something was vitally flawed even though I was sure I was doing it right. I handed it over to James, who fixed my problem areas and then proceeded to curse and carry on as he tried to use the hook to do the next step.

I looked at the instructions again and thought I was going to have to hide the thing so the girls wouldn’t be so upset when they found it difficult to master, got frustrated and had a tantrum (much like the one their father was having).

Once we had finally figured it out and had a successful bracelet between us, I showed Ellie how to do it and told her that it might take a while to get and that it’s okay for things to be difficult and to keep trying. She kept checking with me that she was doing it right and, other than a few muddle ups, soon had two bracelets down.

The next day, Kahlei was keen to have a go, so I sat her down and told her the same story before quickly telling her how to do it and that I’d be back in a moment as Jasper required my help in the bathroom. I was worried that she wouldn’t have the dexterity to work in the little space or the patience or that it would just be too boring. But, when I came out she was half done and ready to be told the next part. I told her and that was it. She has now made so many I’ve lost count.

rainbow looms, looming, bracelets

Just a few of our creations

Now, both girls are confident and able to do the whole process themselves (except when they pop off – it’s my job to fix that). They’re now thinking more about the patterns they’re creating and wanting to try new things. And I need to buy another loom so they can do it together.

I was at a point where I was thinking it had been a bad idea, but in the end both girls reminded me that they are capable of far more than I know. It’s an important lesson, one I need to keep learning and keep working on giving them the opportunities to not only show me that they can, but to show themselves.

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  1. My kids haven’t heard of it yet, and I’m quite happy with that for the time being, but I love this post. So often we don’t give kids credit for things do we? It’s great when they exceed our expectations.

  2. My daughters are much too young for the loom bands so I’ve been intrigued to see other mums curse them or give them a thumbs up. I love that your kids persevered even though it was difficult at first. The bracelets look so cool. 🙂

  3. My girls are too young for looming, but boy, do I know what you mean about the constant surprise that comes with raising them and watching them grow. Such a delight. X

  4. The kids in my school love these and melt beads. They keep them amused for HOURS!

  5. We are well and truly in looming phase here with my five year old! We just got the bands and I youtubed how to do it, I was shocked how easy I found it.

  6. It sounds like looming is a success in your household. My boys are too young to get involved, but i’ve been watching this craze gain momentum and figure it will no doubt be back again in a few years time when my boys will join in! Happy Easter x

  7. This seems to be all the rage at the moment but it’s so true that we sometimes don’t allow kids to do the things because we think they can’t do it, when in actual fact, a lot of the time they surprise us … pleasantly!

  8. Apart from the fact that I am forever picking up coloured bands, looming is a total joy at our place too. x

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