Today. An overview.

Blogging (or trying to) everyday in May with Claire, check out the daily prompts here.

Day 1: Describe your entire day in just 100 words.

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Sick girl snuggles

Bags and pigtails, packed lunches, uniforms. Three little hands waving goodbye.

A day alone. Me, my thoughts and the remnants of the holiday mess.

Sweep, pick up, wash, mop.

A knock at the door and finally a fixed dishwasher.

I warm up some lunch; left over Chinese.

I sit as the phone rings and need to rush out the door to collect my sick girl from school, who opened her mouth to speak only to catch an unexpected vomit in her hands. Who needs warm lunch, anyway?

An afternoon of snuggles before the demands of pick up and evening routine.



  1. ewwwwww vomit in hands!

    Great to have you on board for the month, let’s see how we go!

    • I know! Poor thing was so shocked, when she told me about it afterwards she was in tears.
      Looking forward to giving it a red hot go! Thanks for a great challenge.

  2. Our days are mirrored in some ways…but I admit, I’m grateful not in the vomiting way! Poor little chicken. 🙁

    But I also got an appliance fixed. It really is a crazy good feeling despite the depleted funds…

    Hope your little girl is feeling much better and you all get some sleep tonight.


  3. Clever clogs, so well written. What day, spew in hands and all! BOO. I hope everyone wakes up well xx

  4. Aww i love leftover Chinese-yummo. pity the vomit arrived first! Hope your little one is on the mend but at least you get cuddles!

  5. Oh no the poor little thing. Hope she feels better soon. I am the worst mum in the world when it comes to vomit. I’m one of those people that starts heaving when someone else is sick – pathetic I know 🙂

  6. LOVE snuggles

  7. Aaaah poor bunny!! I hope she’s feeling better and you got to have your lunch. Great 100 words by the way xxx

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