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Day 5: Your zodiac sign and your thoughts on star signs

Gemini is pretty good at{Image from here}

Being born at the beginning of June makes me a Gemini, the twin. Growing up in a Christian household, the zodiac was never something we were encouraged to follow and, while I occasionally would read them in my magazines, it was mainly to be sure I was getting maximum value for my dollar.

There were times when I heard traits for my star sign which made me sit back and go ‘Wow, that is SO me.’ But, when I heard more, I realised that the chances of me not having any of them were pretty slim. Sure, I am open-minded, affectionate and indecisive but I am most certainly NOT adaptable (on this note, why would my supermarket change the placement of important products? WHY?), quick witted, charming, non-committal or irritable (just don’t ask James about that one).

I am pretty good at exactly one of the points in that little picture above.

I’m not anti star signs, I have no problem with people believing what they do so long as they accept and respect that I believe differently.



  1. We are on a similar thought path, I am married to a Gemini though, none of those traits I don’t think.

  2. So I’m a girl of the universe, although I was brought up religious, I do believe the plants, stars, moon and everything that is part of the universe I live in interacts and so it has consequences. BUT in saying that, I don’t believe any horoscopes or star signs that people right, I just believe in signs. 🙂 xxx

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