In ten years…

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Day 6: In ten years time I will be…

memememeIn ten years time I will be a day less than a month away from 41. I will have a 16 year old, a 15 year old and a 13 year old. Annnnd, I kind of want to stop writing right now! How terrifying does that sound?

I will be a published author, with another book or two on the go and enough material for a million more thanks to a house full of teenagers – assuming I’m not utterly insane.

James and I will own our own home, which we probably did a little renovating to at some stage but it’s probably starting to seem as if it needs a bit of something else. A touch up perhaps. Or maybe a whole new kitchen. And definitely a pool in the backyard.

There will be a mixture of pleasure and despair as I watch my little munchies spread their wings and take flight. I’ll want to hold them closer and tighter but need to let go and live. I’ll be praying they want to keep me in the loop with their important milestones, that I’ve done enough to help them on their way. I’ll probably be trying to convince James that it’s HIS turn to take Ellie driving and hating that Kahlei will be getting her L’s before the year is out.

I’ll be worried that I’m almost old but feeling the excitement of what’s ahead and full of grand plans, like a big holiday sans children. Except that I’ll also want them there, for our last big family holiday before they will start wanting to stay home.

There will be frustration that nobody has created a machine to fold and put away laundry and confusion as to why the machines we do have to make our lives easier need to have all those new-beaut-fang-dangled whatsits that I can’t quite figure out as easily as I could when I was younger.

What will you be up to in 10 years time?

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  1. From the sounds of it I will pretty much be doing exactly what you are – except I’ll be WAY older!!! 🙂

  2. I want a machine that folds my laundry!

  3. Far out, in ten years you will still be young. Lucky you! I might come over and use your pool!

  4. I loved reading this Becky , dream big and make it happen.

  5. I love how you have written this as if you are certain this is the way it will be. Dream big my friend, I am jealous of your age too, 41 -I will be 46-wrinkles here I come xx

  6. Our plans sound a lot alike!

  7. These ten year posts have made me so thoughtful. I have no idea where I’ll be in 10 years. That scares me a little.

  8. 10 years time scares and excites me at the same time. That will be close to 50 🙁 Hold me!

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