What mum REALLY wants this Mother’s Day

Disclosure: I was gifted the blanket mentioned in this post for review purposes. No payment was received nor offered. As always, all opinions are that of myself and my family.

Want to make mum’s day this Sunday? Follow these tips and you will!
(and by mum, I mean me)

1. Set her up on the couch

2. Give her a blanket

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Check out my review of this aden+anais Daydream Blanket – PERFECT for Mother’s Day

3. Give her a book or movie

4. Make her a coffee/tea/wine


5. Deal with all child related demands


6. Tell her how good her new hair style looks, which you had her get done on her day alone

mother's day ideas

Because she doesn’t want to look like this

7. And don’t forget her nails (same deal as above)


This was at least two years ago. That’s a LONG time

8. Cater to her every whim (in a timely fashion)

And there you have it, a simple to follow and achieve Mother’s Day list!
What’s on your list?

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  1. Gold !
    I wish it could be so simple for all mums.

    • Hopefully someone will get something like this! I don’t think my husband has even read it, so it probably won’t be me, but a girl can dream x

  2. This is a great step by step for those who don’t know what to get the Mum in their life!!!!!! I love it.

    • Thanks Sheridan, there’s no chance of screwing it up this way! Although, I realised too late that I didn’t start the list with breakfast in bed. In my mind it’s a given but I know it doesn’t always work out like that.

  3. Love this list, just perfect xx

    Ps. I love Aden & Anais, we use the wraps and sleeping bags for both of our boys and they are just so soft and beautiful. I will have to check out this blanket!

    • Thanks Lauren – yes DO check out the blanket it is divine!

  4. NAILED IT – especially dealing with ALL kid related questions, chores, jobs, poo etc! I know I’ve got slippers as my kids can’t keep secrets!

    • I just want the snuggles and good bits for my day 😉
      I hope they’re fashionable slippers you will be given!

  5. can it be mother’s day once a week? Great suggesions!

    • I am so up for mother’s day once a week! Or even once a month. How well rested and fabulous would we all feel then?

  6. It is a great list for Mum.

    It would be my list too but for me.

    • Thanks Tamara, I think I am onto something with this one 😉

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