teaching my children body positivity, body positive, EMBRACE the Documentary, body image movement
It’s no secret that I am on a body positive mission. I first wrote about it in 2011 and it’s become more and more of a passion of mine to teach my children to love and accept themselves and to, hopefully, help their friends do the same – for it to become a wave within our community which leaves our teens unscathed and washed free of the restraints and expectations of body hate. Because body hate is never just about your body, it is personal and leads to so much negativity which can be all consuming.

I have my own little project which I am working away on and I am finding more communities to join to help me help them. One community I’m excited about is Taryn Brumfitt’s Body Image Movement, in particular the documentary she’s hoping to get off the ground with her Kickstarter campaign.

Taryn’s vision for the documentary, perfectly named Embrace, is to create global change and celebrate body diversity. Exactly what I want to be on-board with.

I wanted to share her trailer here, I admit I got a little teary. I am so looking forward to seeing the documentary.

I really want our children to grow up knowing that everyone has a body. Everyone’s body is different. And that all those differences are what make us beautiful. Tall. Short. Plump. Fat. Skinny. They’re all bodies, perfectly imperfect. Creating acceptance and moving forward.

Want to be part of this change? It’s pretty easy to offer your support;

1. WATCH the video
2. Pledge your support if you’re able – every dollar helps
3. Upload your photo with #ihaveembraced to all your social networks

teaching my children body positivity, body positive, EMBRACE the Documentary, body image movement


  1. I have been crying the ENTIRE way through this – can relate so much. Isn’t that bad!! Tears, but good tears, tears that I need to change my attitude!

  2. I’m still crying after watching that video. I love what Taryn is doing and can’t wait to see the documentary! Why do we women hate our bodies so much. It’s an epidemic really. It’s so wonderful to see steps being taken to address the issue 🙂 Min xo

  3. As a mother of two little girls, I am heavily invested in this issue too Becky. I’m constantly finding fault with my own body. I too hope to focus my girls’ attention on being strong and healthy and not on appearance.

  4. I rarely talk about body image as I hope one day it isn’t something that needs talking about. The whole body thing just bores me senseless BUT I love this initiative. THank you for sharing it, Becky. x

  5. Yep big tears here too – very powerful and such an awesome message. xx

  6. Oh Becky thank you so much for sharing this. It is beautiful heartbreaking, important, and disgusting that we think these things about ourselves! Very powerful.

  7. These kind of initiatives are important especially for young girls. I wish body image wasn’t such a huge issue. I will have a look at the video now. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  8. I recently met Taryn and she is amazing. This cause of hers is one all of us should hold dear. Well done for sharing this too.

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