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Almost two years ago I had my last haircut at a hairdressers. It was horrible and I hated it. It was meant to be funky but it was feral and it barely grew for an entire year. My hair had been butchered. So, I have kept away from the hairdresser.

To keep myself from a boredom cut (which is ALWAYS my downfall) I’ve been playing with colour. Pink ends for last year’s Pink concert. Blue and purple ends for the Bathurst 1000. Then I decided to just do it all because just doing bits and pieces was so fiddly and then I moved on to brown up top and a few streaks of colour underneath. hair-hair-hairIt’s been fun. But, my brown with a few streaks is now many different shades of different colours and my blue has gone green. My hair needs attention, a trim, a little thinning out so I stop snapping bands. I’ve seen the writing on the wall and know it’s time to venture into a salon again.

But, I am nervous.


So, as a savvy internet user, I have been researching my options, following various facebook pages and giving myself the best chance of going somewhere good. There are a few pages I followed which I really liked at first but as they started adding recent work I have gone off them. There is one, however, that I have started stalking. The cuts, the colour and oh! The extensions (what I wouldn’t do for some)! Everything I see I love, all the clients are posting happy responses to their new ‘do.

I’ve been umming and ahhing about making an appointment. Even seeing all the beauty, I am nervous. Thinking about it. Putting it off. Talking about it. Putting it off. Annoying James over it. Putting it off. Stalking the page. Putting it off. Obsessing about it. Putting it off.

Then, yesterday, I found a flyer for them in my mailbox. Pretty sure it’s a sign. Also, it’s nearly my birthday, so a new look is probably in order, right?

Now, my only problem is that I want ALL the things I’ve seen and I have no idea how I am going to choose. Or how I am going to get the money together for some extensions…

Does getting your hair cut give you this much grief, too?
Tell me about your best/worst haircut?

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  1. Do it! I love getting my hair done, it always makes me feel so good afterwards! It’s been far too long here tho, I need to get mine done again soon.

    • I booked myself in for this Thursday. So nervous. I know so many people who enjoy these things and I intend on going and doing exactly that, even though it’s not something I normally would! Hopefully, you will get yours done soon!

  2. I always say LESS than what I want because you are so right they always hack off way more! I was short bob for awhile but now it’s winter I might grow it a bit. Good luck, why not approach someone to write about their hair extensions in a post for a big discount! What have you got to lose by asking?? x

  3. I have a fabulous hairdresser who really GETS my hair (baby fine, thin and limp) and cuts it just right. Hope she never leaves … coz that’s what usually happens when I find a hairdresser I like!!!

    Visiting today from #teamIBOT

  4. Ah Becky, I feel your pain. My hair has been well and truly butchered on two separate occasions and it grows bac so slowly. I actually kept away from the hairdresser completely for three years and trimmed my own hair in that time. I wasn’t any good at it, but at least it saved me from having half my head hacked off. The second time that I had a bad experience with a hairdresser it was the second time I’d been to her. The first time, she cut my hair so well I honestly thought I’d found the best haridresser in the entire wolrd. Then the second time, I took my son with me (he was 6 at the time) and he went to school with the hairdresser’s daughter. My son said something about her daughter always doing her school work really slowly and not writing some of her letter upsidedown and I guess that pissed off the hairdresser and she hacked off my hair as a punishment!

  5. I haven’t had a haircut for a while and i need one, but I have no idea where to go. Plus I just hate having to find the time to do it!
    I’m looking forward to seeing what you get done 🙂

  6. I hate getting my hair done usually. Since moving to the country though, I’ve found a great hairdresser. She works from home, so she doesn’t book in multiple people and make you wait extra time while she does a bazillion jobs at the same time. And she listens. And she’s conscious that I have a budget and doesn’t try to sell me expensive products I don’t need. It has taken the stress out of getting my hair done and made it much faster too. She does charge a bit more than I’m used to paying in the city, but she does a good job, so it’s worth it. By the way I love how you’ve used the colour in your hair, very pretty.


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