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ICAD week 1 and 2

I’ve mentioned my desire to start more regularly sharing my creative outlets here on the blog. Which is a great idea and all, except for the fact that I wasn’t making the time to art much at all (or at all, full stop).

So, when it was mentioned that I should join in with the Daisy Yellow ICAD challenge by Denyse I decided to make the commitment. ICAD stands for Index Card a Day and the challenge is basically arting on a single 3×5 index card (up to 4×6 maximum) every single day from June 1 to July 31.

We’re two weeks in now and I have a nice little stack building up.

ICAD 1{Day 1} Working to the daily theme of Prism

ICAD 2{Day 2} Daily prompt of Circus drawn over random
notes and doodles while on the phone

ICAD 3{Day 3} Hello my name is

ICAD 4{Day 4} Puzzle

ICAD 5{Day 5} It was my birthday so I forgot the
prompts and made it all about me

ICAD 6{Day 6} Nail polish (gel pen) on Jasper’s traced hand

ICAD 7{Day 7} Yellow

ICAD 8{Day 8} Realised I hadn’t done my card while playing Balderdash
with my mum and brothers and decided to doodle while figuring out
which answer was right!

ICAD 9{Day 8} Alphabet

ICAD 10{Day 10} The Beatles

ICAD 10 details{Day 10} details

ICAD 11{Day 11} The prompt was Toy Camera but I lacked inspiration –
I did end up doodling the funniest looking camera in one of my boxes though

ICAD 12{Day 12} A bit of randomness

ICAD 13{Day 13} A ‘scrap’ card with random cutouts which caught my eye

ICAD 14{Day 14} Reflections on our current rental woes

I’m loving the little doses of daily conscious creating. The small size of the index cards mean it’s an easy enough feat to complete something, even if you’re feeling uninspired and you’re about to climb into bed. I’ve started many a day with no ideas and little time and still felt happy with what I produce.

I’m dusting off old art supplies and experimenting. I have no expectations of perfection, liberating me to try more techniques which might normally seem daunting.

ICAD stack

Are you joining in? I’d love to see your cards, link me up!



  1. Hi Becky, they look so cool like this. When I go through the stream of ICADs on FB it can be harder to find those people I know! Thanks for the shout out & I’m glad you are liking it. I’m enjoying year 2 of it more now as I “know” some of the people a bit more (not IRL buton social media) and I’ve allowed myself to become immersed in art. No longer do I see it as having no real purpose, but it’s part of who I am

  2. well, these cards are great!! isn’t this a fun challenge?

  3. Love what I see here. I am with you – the conscious creating every day is what works the most for me. I have been working on backgrounds in prep for the days mostly because I make such a mess for my family to endure… constantly. I especially love your card, “The saga continues.” I might not have rental woes, but I can feel my own woes in your image. Its not a bad thing at all. it is helpful.

    Glad to have found you via the linky. I’m #35 there!

  4. Thanks for dropping by my blog recently. I enjoyed seeing all of your cards in one post. I’m tryhing to keep up on th FB group but finding it challenging because there is just so much going on!


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