See ya later, Term 2


Ah, term two, you have not been my favourite.

It’s been a long term. I can’t exactly pin point my undoing. We’ve had one less extra curricular activity than last term and most other things are much the same but I am completely burnt out and ready for the holidays. I am secretly counting the days until I don’t have to be making lunches every night (except for James). I mean, who’s idea is it for them to eat a midday meal everyday?


I’m not sue how we’re going to top last holidays, but I know we’re going to give it a good try. I am hoping it will include getting away for a bit.

Are you over this term?
What are your favourite things to do on school holidays?
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  1. I thank my lucky stars every evening that I don’t have to make school lunches yet! Though the boys are going to get a rather rude shock when they don’t get freshly cooked hot daycare meals for lunch anymore when they’re at school!

    • I did not realise just how tedious the whole lunch thing is and they just keep needing it!
      I’ve never thought about that transition from a nice, warm cooked day care meal to boring old (well, in my case, hehe) packed lunches but that would be a shock!

  2. I am so over this term! And so are my children. They are tired and cranky (so am I). We so desperately need these holidays.

    • Glad (as horrible as that sounds) that I am not alone in this. Thank goodness term is nearly done!

  3. Ah, yes we have a major case of end-of-term-itis in our house too, yet this term has been a week shorter than usual so I can’t quite figure out why we’re all so exhausted!

    • I did not realise it had been a shorter term, that is disconcerting! Bring on the holidays, I say!

  4. When are school holidays again? Just kidding – the life of a mum whose kids are finished school – yay!!!!!

    Hubster is on 3 months long service leave and I am really enjoying the slower pace, even if it is harder to get my work done (I work from home).

    Visiting today from #teamIBOT xxx

    • Haha, I can’t imagine life after school… but, right now it sounds awesome.

      How lovely to have those three months together, enjoy that slower pace (even if it interferes with work 😉

  5. School athletics pic at the top right? We had ours recently to – and YAY to not having to make lunches! Enjoy rushing less x

    • Yes, we had our last Friday and I struggled having to follow two different groups around, always seemingly on the opposite end of the field.

  6. I’m looking forward to it, but also a little nervous. I think I’ve made enough friends to be able to catch up with people in the holiday’s, but I’m not entirely sure.
    Enjoy your break Becky xx

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