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Last week, I caved and watched the #LikeaGirl advert that was going around. As one of the only girls in my friend group in high school, I hated being told I was ‘such a girl’ and I saw more than my fair share of displays suggesting that doing something like a girl meant you were pretty crap at whatever it was (think that silly wrist flip when saying you throw like a girl).

The next day, I took my girls to the beach where they showed me what it really means to do something ‘like a girl’ as they played and ran and jumped (obviously, they show me everyday but this day I saw). They showed me to being a girl is to live with passion, dedication, strength, speed and in that moment I wanted to remember to cultivate that. To help them grab onto that and continue to do so, especially through those volatile teenage years.

I am not interested in a debate about males being stronger than females or claims that this saying is simply truth and not insult. I’ve seen all that.

What I am interested in is girls embracing being female and fulfilling their potential instead of holding themselves back or feeling that they should be ashamed because of their gender.




What can you do ‘Like a Girl’

Linking up with Trish today (didn’t mean to be so wordful)



  1. Beautiful! My favourite post of all the Wordless Wednesdays I’ve read today 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Samantha, what a lovely thing to say. You’ve made my day.

  2. I believe in girl power! We can be machines when we want to be. Strength is our thing whether it be physically, emotionally or mentally. We rock.

    • Absolutely, Vicki!

  3. Here here!! Great pics! Still scratching my head wondering how you got that last one to be like a video? I am so not techy!! *sigh* 😉

    • I did the last photo in Photoshop, it was relatively easy in there. I’m not sure how to do them without it, though!

  4. I was forever being told I did things like a girl. My response was always “um pfft duh – that’s coz I AM A GIRL” 🙂

    My parents gifted me with pretty decent self confidence, and that’s exactly what I see you gifting your kids.

    • I really wish that had been my response and it doesn’t surprise me that it was yours. I never really appreciated what it meant to be a girl and I am so glad to be learning these lessons now!
      Your parents did a wonderful job and I can only hope I’m on the right track, too!

  5. Thanks for that link to the advert, I had never seen it. Bit of an eye opener.

    • I’m glad I shared it, Jacana. It’s certainly makes you think. I’d never considered it and am glad to have caved and watched it.

  6. Now that’s “girl power” and we can do anything we want!

    • We can! Thank you!

  7. Beautiful pics and beautiful message too.

    • Thank you Michelle

  8. That last image is great! How on earth do you do that. I want to teach my girl this too, especially as she had 2 brothers!

    • Thanks Em! I made the last pic in Photoshop and if you have PS it’s quite easy. Do you? I am sure there are other ways to make GIFs without it but I don’t know them.
      I’m discovering it’s an important lesson. As the only girl with 3 brothers I didn’t really appreciate being a girl.

  9. Yes, yes, yes. I love this post!

    • Thank you Kaz!

  10. Love love love these shots!! Gorgeous and you are so right – being a girl rocks!! I tell my girls that all the time xx

  11. I love the advert and showed it to my 8 year old. She didn’t really get it, which is a good thing, but my 5 year old wants to know where the girls who play football are on the tv.
    My husband had no answers to her questions of why can’t I watch girls play football.

    • I have to admit I didn’t really think about showing it to my girls. I am glad your 8yr old didn’t get it, that’s a positive.
      It’s hard to explain the lack of women based sports on television and your comment made me think that maybe I should seek out local women’s sport teams to go along and watch and cheer on, especially for Ellie who is a keen athlete. Thanks, Claire!

  12. I hope I can instill that confidence in my girls. I also hope that they never feel held back by being a girl 🙂

  13. HI Becky,
    Thanks for writing this, I hadn’t watched the video yet (I know, I’m the last person on earth!). As the mum of two young ladies, like a girl will have to mean something different in our house!


  14. Your girls are so blessed to have you Becky.
    Love the little video.,

  15. Love this. And with 3 girls myself can totally relate. I have to work really hard to ‘saw’ things that I usually mis because I am thinking about this or that

  16. Gorgeous photos!

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