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Bread Basket, Eating in Italy

Bread basket “Different in that most are crunchy – but so yum”

My mum has recently been on a two week trip to Italy.

While she was away, we were treated to many beautiful photos of sights, country side and, of course, oodles of delicious food. I spent most of the two weeks ravishingly hungry, dreaming of fancy pants food in another country.

I’ve always figured food in Italy would be amazing, especially things like pizza (and I LOVE pizza) and now I have confirmation. Mum says “Pizza is so different to Aussie pizza. Thin crust, only a smattering of toppings but so flavoursome.” I can’t imagine but my mouth waters just thinking about how good it might be.

Gellato, Italian Gellato, Gellato in Italy,

Gelato “I’m not a big fan of ice cream but such wonderful flavours”

And, while I would love to be jet setting my way across the world and tasting the spectacular morsels a country has to offer, it’s not an option for us as a family right now.

However, there is a way it might be possible for YOU, with EatNow’s Best Eats Awards 2014.

All you have to do is visit the EatNow entry page and enter the competition by voting for your favourite place to eat and you could be eating your way across Morocco, Italy or Mexico.


The winner receives flights, food tours and accommodation for two to the destination of your choice. Runners up recieve one of 10 x $250 EatNow vouchers.

How awesome does that sound? You only get one chance to vote and entries close October 10th. Get to it and hopefully I will be following YOU on a delicious journey through social media.

Dinner in Italy

Dinner on the first night “Dried meats are cured and cut paper thin, served with oil and vinegar”

Which place would you choose? I would choose Italy – mainly because of my love of pizza.
Have you entered yet?

**All photos taken and owned by Debra Armstrong**




  1. The pizza in Italy ruined pizza for me here in Aus! Sounds like an interesting comp

    • Oh, I’ve not thought about that. I do not want pizza ruined. We go to a little Italian pizzeria … maybe it would be ok? Good luck if you enter!

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