A new (to me) phone prank

When my brothers are around, I never know what my facebook status will say the next time I check my feed. They’re always nicking off with my phone and ‘hacking’ my social media accounts. It doesn’t worry me too much, everyone seems to know if I am being overly gushy, particularly mean or terribly rude then it’s not me doing it.


It turns out that updating someone else’s status is so last month.

I’ve discovered a new way to drive someone mad with their own device. This approach works best with people who;
* have no idea how their phone works other than the basics they use,
* people who don’t have time to figure out how to fix the problem
* people who have particular grammatical issues and
* people who are in a hurry and don’t proof read what they’re sending

I fit all of the above, making James’ recent phone prank on me particularly effective.

Firstly, it wasn’t so bad – a couple of words would auto correct to completely ridiculous random words. What would become porno and so on. Funny little changes.

Then, the joke turned sinister.

Upon realising that I was unable to fix the issue because I had no idea how and no time to figure it out, James decided to play on my pet hates by changing ‘you’ to ‘u’, ‘be’ to ‘b’, ‘for’ to ‘4’ and so on. All things I absolutely cannot stand.

Every time I think I will figure out how to fix it so that I can stop clenching my fists and setting my jaw with every message or update, something important comes up. Jasper looks at Kahlei, Ellie pulls Kahlei’s teeth out. Somebody breathes in someone else’s direction, dinner is about to burn or I am just in the middle of something.


I am still discovering the extent of his prank. Each child’s name has been changed to nicknames which are grating and make me fume when I hear them called those names, ‘mean’ has been changed to an angel smiley face and each different spelling of to has been swapped around so that I am forever writing the wrong version for the sentence.

I have become much more careful about checking what I am sending (which is probably for the best) but sometimes I still press send too quickly and don’t realise I’ve said something like ‘u can do that to’ before it’s too late. It doesn’t seem like such a big deal but it still manages to make me cringe.

My messages to James now go unchecked and I leave it to him to figure out what I am saying. I think it’s only fair.

Would it drive you mad too or I am just a bit pedantic?
Would you use this prank on an unsuspecting friend or family memeber?

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  1. Oh my goodness, that would drive me bonkers!

    • It certainly is driving me insane!

  2. Ba ha ha! But that would drive me crazy! You definitely need to put a password lock on your phone! ! Thanks for linking with #TeamIBOT:)

    • I have a fingerprint scanner thingo. His thumb is registered. I don’t like to lock it, we have always just had access to each others phone and I feel like as soon as I lock it I’m putting a wall up. As crazy as that sounds.

  3. What a cracker – I would be spewing though. I don’t have much patience when it comes to making my life harder. It is a bit funny though! x

    • It would definitely be funny if it were happening to someone else, for sure! I might implode though!

  4. Oh no!!! That would totally drive me up the wall! You need to learn how to use his phone and get him back!

    • Absolutely, Grace! That’s the idea. But, he will be on top of it really quick which takes some of the fun out of it!

  5. OMG that is the best thing I have heard and can’t wait to do this to someone. Sorry it is frustrating you you fix it in settings – dictionary – shortcuts.

    Visiting from teamIBOT

    • Would love to hear how it goes on someone else! Thanks for the tip, I’m looking forward to no longer going crazy!

  6. Go into settings, keyboard, then shortcuts and you can change it from there.
    I thought, after seeing this on IG that I would change things on Boatmans’ phone, so I changed my name. Well the joke’s on me because it changed it EVERYWHERE! On my phone, iPad and macbook! I had to work out how to fix it or change my name!

    • Thanks Jess! Ohh – I haven’t had things change everywhere, that would be WAY too much!!

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