Naming a Baby

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Lafawnduh is super excited about having baby Lebrawn and has had no trouble at all in picking his name.

One of the first things you start thinking about once you discover you are pregnant are baby names. Or at least, I do.

Perusing movie credits, books, magazines and making lists of lovely, cute, strong and beautiful names is a wonderful pass time as you consider the little life you are expecting. It’s exciting to consider the possibilities and even fun to rib each other a little bit in the beginning.

I’d like to think we are competent baby-namers, I mean, we have given three children a first and second name but I am starting to think our run is up.

We seem to have VERY different ideas this time around and most of the time I can’t tell if the names James is throwing out are serious or not.

And this baby naming thing is serious stuff.

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Baby Patch waves hello

Personally, I am not into really popular names (even though Ellie ended up being pretty popular the year she was born) or old/classic/’proper’ type names and I have learnt that getting a bit creative with spelling isn’t always the best idea. Kahlei might look more appealing to me than Kaylee but, to others it doesn’t always look how I see it. Some think her name is Carlie and others struggle to get anything cohesive out.

There is a lot to consider. Initials. Potential horrible nicknames. Whether or not a name is 4-year-old friendly, unlike Jasper’s little friend Jeremy’s name, which he pronounces Germy – it’s completely adorable but also not great.

Considering all this, it’s probably surprising that James is adamant Detroit Segregation is the name. I don’t think he cares if it’s a boy or a girl. As I mentioned above, I cannot tell if he’s serious. At first I assumed it was a joke but he had this chosen well before we were pregnant, way back when we were never having anymore and it keeps popping up.

Never mind that it’s not a real name.

Only one name has jumped out to me. Patch.

It’s not at all practical and probably doesn’t fulfill my own guidelines if I look hard enough (or at all). I think it’s perfect and a beautiful tribute to Robin Williams in a weird way.


When I suggested Patch at dinner one night, I was literally boo’d at by my children. However, when Ellie (surprise) suggested Shark Hopkins not 5 seconds later it was met with cheers. Figures, right?

Thankfully, we still have about 20 weeks to figure it out. Still, it’s quite disconcerting that we’re not even talking in actual names most of the time.

Bub might yet end up Patch Detroit Shark Hopkins.

Labrawn makes a perfect table

How did you come up with your babies names?
Did you struggle like us or was it as easy for you as it was for Lafawnduh?
Inspire us – share your great/terrible baby name ideas

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  1. My hubby gets stuck on a name and you can not twist his arm to change it. Luckily I was happy enough with it to go with it. But I find boys names super hard to come up with.

    • My hubby is pretty stubborn, too. I think, in the end, all our kids have first names I chose and my favourites were made middle names. I am hoping he can be persuaded this time, though. I DO NOT want a Detroit.
      I agree that boys names are hard! There are only a few I love and hubby always hates them

      • First names HE chose is what I meant to say!

  2. We have six children, five of them boys, & surprisingly there are still three or four boys names that I would love to use (not going to happen though LOL). Our baby naming routine goes a little something along the lines of I spend a week or two going through name books, websites, anywhere really & compose a list of all & any names I love, like or could imagine. Throwing in a few shockers here & there just to keep DH on his toes 😉 Then he goes through & crosses out 98%. What is left is what we work with until we come down to a final three or four. Once baby is born we see ‘who’ s/he is.
    Our trouble lies with middle names, because we use close or important family members for the second name. With five boys we are running out of close family members we want to honor.
    Good Luck…Though Detroit really isn’t all that bad in the scheme of kids names 😉

  3. Name deciding can be tricky work. We’re doing the very same thing right now with baby no.3 on it’s way. We’re pretty good at it and generally decide fairly early on and stick with it. This time I am finding inspiration slow. Generally we just brainstorm. I make lists and hubby says yes or no. He doesn’t say yes to many so when he does it’s got a high chance! I like retro revamped names like Banjo (our first born). Something a bit different.

  4. Naming babies is definitely challenging! I’ve always found boys names harder to think of than girls names, and we had two boys! #TeamIBOT


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