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The road to a fourth little person in our lives has been a long one that often seemed like more of a dead end. But, here we are – past the halfway mark with a healthy, very busy bub on it’s way.

I wanted to put together a little giveaway to celebrate Baby Patch and to thank you guys for being such an important and support part of my journey.


Prize 1 – Mesmerised Baby Board Book: Captivating pictures for babies and newborns 0-6mths by Katey Love

Prize 1 - Mesmerised Baby Board Book: Captivating pictures for babies and newborns 0-6mths by Katey Love, Books for babies, black and white for newborns, newborn 'activities', givaeaway, Mesmerised Baby Board Book giveaway,

Young babies will be captivated by the black and white images in this gorgeous book. From a ladybug and its spots, to a snail crawling up the side of the page, the whimsical designs will delight both parent and baby. Great for propping open on the playmat beside baby and also for encouraging ‘tummy time’.

Black and white images with sharp outlines are much easier for baby to see in the first few months of life when it is hard for them to focus, and hard for them to see shades of colour. Mesmerised will not only keep your baby stimulated & engaged, but will also help to nurture visual development.

Check out Mesmerised: Website | Facebook

Prize 2: November Box from Fantastic Mrs Box

fantastic Mrs Box, Great gift idea, Spoil yourself, box subscription, Christmas idea for mum, spoil mum,

Used with permission from Fantastic Mrs Box

Every month, Fantastic Mrs Box releases a box choc-full of 4 or more full-sized surprises handpicked to delight and treat. They have offered one lucky reader a November box sent right to their door. The November box was themed around ‘relax’ and make time for you, which sounds perfect to me right about now!

Edwina and Elaine say on their site they ‘created Fantastic Mrs Box to remind women that they can achieve the best for their families without losing their own sense of self – or fun!’ which is the perfect message to send busy women, new mums, friends we rarely see or (and!) ourselves.

You can purchase a single box to spoil yourself or a special woman you know or you can choose from the 3, 6 or 12 month subscription options.

Follow Fantastic Mrs Box: Website | Facebook | Instagram

Prize 3: 2 x $30 store credit at Cutie Pie Wall Stickers

Cutie Piel Wall Stickers, Cutie Pie Wall Stickers Giveaway, decorating, decorating kid's bedrooms, easy decorating ideas, decorating kids room when renting, decorating nursery, decorating nursery when renting


Add an extra special touch to the kiddies rooms with these adorable wall stickers. From Frozen to Batman and Minions, there is sure to be something to delight your little ones.

There is even ‘grown up’ options for decorating other spaces in your home with a quote or a Sydney Harbour Silhouette.

Plan your decorating with Cutie Pie Wall Stickers: Website | Facebook

Prize 4: Love to Dream Swaddle and Snugbud

Love to Dream, Swaddle up, Love to dream snugbud, love to dream swaddle, love to dream giveaway, swaddles, summer swaddle, Love to Dream’s SwaddleUP Lite Limited Edition is perfect for keeping your baby cool and comfortable while sleeping during these summer months. The single layer of thin, breathable fabric is 30% lighter than their Love To Swaddle UP™ and has all the features which make the SwaddleUP perfect for sleep including the ability to self sooth as their arms are up, giving them access to their hands.

The Love to Dream Snugbud is a soft comforter for baby. It is easy to grip, is colourful and super cute and has a ‘dummy guard’.

Keep baby cool with Love to Dream: Website | FacebookPinterest

Prize 5: Gaia Naturals Pack

Gaia Natural Baby, Gaia Natural, Gaia Skin giveaway Gaia Pure Pregnancy, Gaia Naturals, Gaia Naturals Giveaway, Gaia Skin Naturals

Gaia Skin Naturals are gorgeous products which are free from nasty chemicals and made from natural and organic ingredients which are perfect for baby’s brand new skin and your changing, stretching skin during pregnancy.

The pack contains;

Gaia Natural Baby;
Bamboo Baby Wipes
Baby Starter KitSkin Soothing Lotion

Gaia Pure Pregnancy;
Belly Butter
Nipple Balm
Belly Oil

Find out more: Website | (Gaia Natural Baby) Facebook | (Gaia Skin+Body) Facebook

To go into the draw to win, simply tell me which prize you would like to win and why. You may enter to win more than one prize simply by leaving a separate comment for each prize you would like.

Entries close midnight January 2nd 2015 (AEST, ie Sydney time). Winner will be drawn by Becky and James and notified via email, so please be sure to leave your contact details when commenting. Prizes will be sent out directly from the brand/PR company in most cases. Please note, entry is only open to Australian residents.

If the prizes are not claimed within 7 days the giveaway will be redrawn.



  1. I would love to win the mesmerized baby board book!

  2. I would love to win the box from fantastic mrs box!

  3. I would love to win the cutie pie wall stickers!

  4. I would love to win the dream swaddle and snug bud.

  5. I would love to win the gia naturals pack! Thank you!

  6. As a mum of three aged 10 and under
    “Me” time is rare, is it any wonder?!
    So the November Box is really appealing
    If I won, it’d have me squealing!
    Some relaxation after the festive season
    Sounds to me the perfect reason!

  7. The Mesmerised Baby Board Book would be superb thank you. Love the simplicity & very clear images. Clever!!

  8. Love to win Prize 2: November Box from Fantastic Mrs Box to giv emyself a treat when I ever get time to put my feet up.

  9. I’d love the November Box xxx This time of year is very stressful for everyone I think!

  10. November Box from Fantastic Mrs Box as it really will be a delight that will treat me 🙂

  11. November box because being a nurse I need to learn to relax and take time for me.

  12. Love to Dream Swaddle and Snugbud – wanted one of these for my first born and never got one baby number 2 on the way would love to have one these

  13. November Box from Fantastic Mrs Box would be the perfect gift of relaxation this Christmas!

  14. I would like to win Mesmerised Baby Board Book

  15. I would like to win $30 store credit

  16. I would like to win November Box

  17. i would like to win Love to Dream Swaddle and Snugbud

  18. I would like to win Gaia Naturals Pack

  19. I’m quite intrigued by the plethora of subscription boxes lately
    I’s love to try the November Box from Fantastic Mrs Box to see what all the fuss is about!

  20. Love to Dream Swaddle and Snugbud because it keeps baby cool and comfortable while sleeping during these summer months and it sure does get hot in QLD.

  21. November Box from Fantastic Mrs Box because November box is themed around ‘relax’ and make time for you, which sounds perfect to me right about now being 8 months pregnant with baby number 4.

  22. Mesmerised Baby Board Book because it will Mesmerised and keep my baby stimulated & engaged, but will also help to nurture visual development.

  23. Never too young to enjoy a good book;
    Little Indie will with a captivated look…
    Enjoy “Mesmerised”, a book so unique;
    She’ll see, she’ll stare, she’ll peek…
    At the images in sharp black and white;
    For this eight week old, a gift just right!

  24. Those cutie wall stickers are just the best! They would really brighten up a kids’ room, that’s for sure!
    Merry Christmas to you and your gorgeous family! x

  25. prize 2 – November Box from Fantastic Mrs Box is my choice because it seems to be perfect for me as i like surprise and useful gifts.

  26. I’d really love the November Box – perfect for pampering me after a busy busy BUSY year! 🙂

  27. Mesmerised Baby Board Book please.
    A book at any age is never wasted effort. If these are the images our kids can see and it stimulates thought at a young age, then this little book would be a great addition. Positive stimulation can only be beneficial. What means to say new bub’s aren’t bored and that’s why they cry? A simple little book could solve that issue!

  28. Hi Becky and James, Congrats on Baby Patch and all being well! Woo hoo soon a family of 4 kids.
    We are a-waiting the birth of Grandchild #8 who will be the fourth child to our son and his lovely wife.
    I know that they would love a surprise from me, from your blog.
    I choose the Love to Dream Swaddle because as an April 2015 baby it will be important to keep body temperature regulated in the cooler evenings. Cheers Denyse

  29. Hi again Becky and James,
    I am also very interested in the November Box called RELAX. This one would be for my daughter! She’s just completed her first year back at Uni, been teaching part time, wrangling a toddler and has 3 teens one of whom just did her HSC. If ever there was a mother who deserved to RELAX it’s her! Thanks again guys. Hope your Christmas is awesome. Denyse xx

  30. I would LOVE to win the wall decals for my baby girls room! That would be awesome!

  31. I would love the Fantastic Mrs Box!

  32. The dream swaddle and snugbud sounds great!

  33. The cutie pie wall stickers sound awesome

  34. Prize 4: Love to Dream Swaddle and Snugbud, I’d love this for my when my baby is born as I’ve researched swaddles and they sound fantasticly useful for babies!

  35. The Cutie Pie wall stickers would be my choice. We moved back to Australia after 5 years abroad and couldn’t bring any of my kids wall decals. (They don’t transport that well in a shipping crate across the ocean!)

  36. Winning the November Box from Fantastic Mrs Box would be two surprises in one, winning and then the surprise of whats in the box!!

  37. Love to Dream Swaddle and Snugbud looks so comfy, do they make one in my size 🙂

  38. Cutie Pie Wall Stickers, perfect for a family like us who rent.

  39. Congratulations on baby Patch! We must be due around the same time as I’m currently 27 weeks pregnant with my second. I used the Love to Swaddle Up Original for my daughter, so with bub number two due in early autumn I would love to be in the running to win the Love to Dream pack. These swaddles are fantastic and the Lite version would be very handy for the warm nights we still get during April. The Snugbud will also be very handy as my daughter would never self-settle if it wasn’t for her snuggle blanket.

  40. The November Box from Fantastic Mrs Box would be an incredible prize to win. It could be my calm before the storm of having a newborn in the house again. I love all things fox-related, so the foxy eye mask is desirable on its own without even getting to the serenity blend tea – and I can’t live without tea. The November box really is a complete package with its bath soak, candle and special little print.

  41. I’d love to win the Love to Dream prize. We absolutely love those swaddles, they were simply perfect for getting my difficult bub to sleep, and you can’t have too many in the house at once – one gets puked on, it would be awesome to have a spare to change them over to!

  42. I’d also love to win your Mesmerised book! So many people don’t realise just how pointless bright colours are to very young babies – the black and white book looks like it would keep a little one fascinated for ages

  43. I would like to win Prize One, the Mesmerised baby board book, for my first grandchild who will be arriving soon. I loved watching the video on the Mesmerised website of the 12 day-old baby and seeing how fascinated he/she was. I think it is very important to get children interested in books, the earlier the better.

  44. I would like to win the November Box from Fantastic Mrs Box for my youngest daughter. Although she’s not pregnant like her older sister, I’d like to show her that she is still very much in our thoughts. She works very hard, yet still manages to find time to travel 5 hours to visit us as often as she can, so a relaxation package seems ideal for her.

  45. I would like to win one of the $30 store credits from Cutie Pie Wall Stickers. This would be a lovely way for my daughter to decorate her baby’s nursery without fear of damaging the walls of her rented house. I particularly like the XL Cute Koala’s design and the fact that the stickers are reusable in the event of her having to shift elsewhere.

  46. I would like to win Prize Four, the Love to Dream Swaddle and Snugbud. I am familiar with their products, which have had good reviews. I understand the Snugbud to be a new product, so it would be a lovely prize to win, along with the Swaddle, for my daughter who always likes trying new things.

  47. I would like to win the Gaia Naturals Pack. It would be a lovely way for my daughter to try a great range of Gaia’s products, both, now while she is pregnant, and later when her baby arrives. It can be hard for a first-time mum to know what products to buy and we didn’t have access to beautiful organic products like this back when I was pregnant with my girls.

  48. The Fantastic Mrs Fox Box please….a relax pack sounds EACTLY what I need after the mad month of December.

  49. I’d love to win the Love to Dream Swaddle and Snugbud for my niece. Summer nights in QLD are so HOT so the breathable fabric is perfect…but covering her chubby little legs will help stop mozzie bites too.

  50. I would adore Prize 2 from Fantastic Mrs Fox and this one I’d love for myself. We have had what you could only describe as a wretched year. Too much stress, illnesses, family turmoil, two close family member deaths in December and to top it all off we were rear ended on a trip away yesterday, yes the last day of the 2014 year. I am hoping this was a positive omen and 2015 will be stupendous. Quite frankly I feel worn out emotionally and I really need a lovely pick me up to start this new year afresh.

    • That is indeed a typo – s/b Box not Fox. LOL 🙂

  51. Prize 5 from Gaia is also a lovely treat. As I feel stressed so does it revert to bub. For bub and I to feel renewed and more relaxed this skincare pack would have us both feeling happier. The perfect blend of something for bub and myself to enjoy. The Belly Butter and oil leaves your skin so soft and supple and just perfect for helping to restore that moisture and condition back into overstretched skin.

  52. I would love the mesmerised Baby Board Book please
    my Daughter is 3/12 she would love this.Thankyou

  53. November Box from Fantastic Mrs Box for some much needed me time, to recharge my batteries and rest. This would be prefect

  54. The Mesmerised Books look, well, mesmerising for a newborn! Would be great to pack into a nappy bag to keep baby distracted while in a public place.

  55. Cutie Pie wall stickers for a cutie pie I am going to meet very soon

  56. November box to relax after pharmacy examinations.

  57. My wife has had a tough end to the year, being hospitalised unexpectedly and requiring emergency surgery while pregnant. It was very frightening for both of us to be told that we may lose our child. Consequently, I would love to win the November box as a gift to my wife so that she could relax somewhat and, hopefully, enjoy the rest of her pregnancy.

  58. The November Box would be wonderful to win because I have two grandchildren on the way through both, my daughter, and daughter-in-law. This would make a great gift for either of them. The hard part would be deciding which one to give the prize to, or whether I should keep it to myself (lol). I love the use of organic items like the tea and bath soak and the fact that the candle is soy wax rather than petroleum-based.

  59. Both of my grandchildren slept well in their Love to dream swaddles and my granddaughter was even brought home from hospital in hers. I would love to win this prize so I could give a piece to each of my new grandchildren when they arrive. I’d give the Snugbud to my son for his baby because they used a dummy with their first born and I think the dummy guard is a very clever addition to a security blanket. The swaddle I’d give to my daughter as their baby is due sooner while the weather is still hot.

  60. The Cutie Pie wall stickers would be a great prize to win since, not only do I currently have a grandson and granddaughter, there are also two new grandchildren on the way. I would like the opportunity to win because I think wall stickers would be a great way to decorate at least one of the existing grandchildren’s bedrooms and show that he/she hasn’t been forgotten when the new sibling arrives.

  61. Love to Dream Swaddle and Snugbud. I love the Love to Dream swaddles, but haven’t seen the Snugbud as yet, what a great and comforting idea!

  62. The Gaia Pack
    For a sweet little niece
    Who loves her baths
    And would love such a treat!

  63. i would to win the November box from fantastic Mrs Box! It looks amazing and after a week (including New Years Eve) spent nursing a husband with gastro (ergh), trying to entertain our toddler, and cleaning madly to stop the spread of said dreaded ailment, I could really do with a break with mrs Box!

  64. The November box! To relax and wind down would be lovrly!


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