Getting ready for baby number 4

While trying to make a list of things I need to prepare in order to be ready for baby number four I got distracted and opened up an email only to be greeted by this

getting ready for baby number 4, preparing for baby number 4, preparing for baby, new baby
74 days to go (72 now). How did that even happen.

I didn’t even get to acknowledge the moment when we slid from 100 days to double digits.

Some days I still find myself completely shocked that I’m pregnant, so it seems unfair that I’m suddenly being bombarded with how ‘soon’ it’s all going to happen. At the school gate there are cries of “not long to go, then!” when I say my due date is the 25th of April. I nod, think ‘it’s not THAT close…’ and go on my merry way.

Except that, apparently, it IS that close. 74 days. Except that it’s not even that far away. Oh my gosh.

Freak out. Again.

It’s a little bit like I’ve never had a baby before. I feel totally unprepared and overwhelmed. Every time I try to get on top of getting ready I end up chasing my own tail before throwing my hands up in despair. Before my most recent shopping trip I decided to buy a couple of travel size toiletries to pack in my hospital bag but as I stood in the aisle I simply couldn’t decide what I should get.

And when I say ‘in my hospital bag’ I might sound like there has been some type of packing and organising on that front, however, there has not. I have a bag I can use, so that’s a plus, but that’s about it. I did start making a list of things I need to put in a bag. I didn’t get far, though.

I have some type of mental block happening. Patch’s room has a change table that probably needs painting and tubs of clothes. I keep meaning to move what we do have in and start setting up, it just never happens. Also, what types of clothes does an April baby even need?

The worst thing is that I want to be ready and organised, with detailed lists slowly being marked off.

Things I know I/we need to do in the next 72 days;

* Buy a car that will fit us all
* Pack hospital bags
* Buy what I need to pack in said hospital bags
* Finally get an appointment with the Anesthetist (looong story but I’ve been trying for 2 months now)! * Move all the baby furniture we have into Patch’s room
* Buy whatever we need but don’t have
* Organise my systems (ie school/homework/dance and general house running) into something someone other than me can understand and work
* Get the house oranised for the arrival of a baby
* Figure out a name

I’m certain there is more, and in that form it doesn’t seem too much but then I have to take into  account how busy the school term makes us and the fact that I, apparently, would much prefer to procrastinate and stress.

So, tell me –
What have I missed in my list above (oh, hey, a LIST! Yay)?
What’s your number 1 tip for preparing for baby?And, what was the best thing you packed in your hospital bag?



  1. How exciting!
    You know that stress is fun stress! Enjoy your last 70 or so days and I am certain it will all fall in place for you. I do a lot of it a little past baby’s arrival too. Takes the pressure off a bit. ;D

    • Thanks Jody! With our first we were so organised but soon learned that we could have done so much after so the second time around that worked for us but after Jasper I was so sick with PND and from complications from the birth that I was unable to really do or get what needed to be done. I think that’s why I’m so crazy stressed trying to get it all done!

  2. Congrats Becky, I completely missed the news that you were expecting! Fabulous news x My youngest is a late April baby and I recall that it started to get cool around that time so make sure you have warm clothes and blankets. Try not to stress too much – you’ve done this before and it will all fall into place x

    • Thanks Kirsty! We’re going for layers so that we can work with the weather at the time.

  3. Good luck with everything – with 70 days to go I still think you have heaps of time! I’m due towards the end of March so I certainly know how you are feeling! Take care.

    • Thanks Erika. I’ve seen your post, though and how organised you are 😉

  4. Oh gorgeous I’m so excited for you, don’t forget metamucil, benefibre or equivalent, smash it back with juice ASAP to keep your system going and to make your first ‘movement’ less pain…. it’s something I have always fretted about! I bet those kicks are getting harder?? xxx

    • Thanks lovely! The kicks are insane. I had forgotten just how powerful a little person can be! The kids love it and always want to know if Patchy is kicking so they can have a feel.


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