Pregnancy is Complicated

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Patch’s ‘Nursery’ aka The Dumping Ground

It’s no secret that pregnancy and I do not mix. I don’t cope well and, although I am trying, I don’t enjoy it as much as I would hope to.

This pregnancy, in particular, is kicking my butt and has from the very first moment morning sickness hit.

Once the morning sickness subsided at 15 weeks I had about 5 seconds to breathe a deep sigh of relief before my pelvis packed it in and I found myself in the depths of a Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction nightmare. I expected it, after having SPD with Jasper, but didn’t realise it would begin so early a second time around.

I had the greatest intention to better document this time around, being the last (you know, the actual last) and all but I’ve somehow made it to 32 and a bit weeks and haven’t done most of what I expected. I would blame baby brain, however, I suspect my brain has simply up and left me at this point.

The weeks have flown by. Having the distraction of three children to feed, entertain, get to and from school and cart to after school activities makes for a very effective fast-forward. And, while the weeks are flying by, the days can be quite tediously slow – much like my waddling self.

As a stress head, pregnancy offers me much fodder for worry and anxiety. From getting prepared, to the impending birth and everything in between. Even naming our new munchkin has been an issue. Just last night I dreamt James gave Patch a ridiculous name (which wasn’t actually even a name) while I was in recovery. I was apparently in there so long he even had time to fill out and send off the paper work and make it all official.

Due to complications in Jasper’s arrival I  have to see a specialist anesthetist, which is finally happening this week after so much miscommunication between my OB, Dr and the hospital and my chasing it up since the beginning of January. I was already feeling the pressure of not having had the appointment when I was informed at 30 weeks these complications and the possibility that my Obstetrician won’t be here for the birth meant the outcome of this appointment might be that I have to be referred to Canberra for my c-section.

This, of course, has given me a whole new world of worry and confusion. While I’ve been trying to stay positive there are questions that pop up and uncertainties that sometimes raise their head that can’t be answered until I’ve seen this lady on Friday. Like, what happens if I go into actual labour and am two hours away from the hospital?

It leaves me a little uncomfortable. I know my local hospital and how it works, that it’s just up the road if Patchy decides to come on an unscheduled date. I know my doctors and a lot of the midwives. All that makes me more settled about what I am about to go through and had helped me relieve some of my anxieties when they came up.

Right now, Friday seems a long way away.

For today, we’re off for a growth scan as at my last midwives appointment bub was measuring 7cm (!) ahead instead of the 4cm we’ve been consistently seeing. I’m thinking their may have been human error given that the midwife seeing me is always looking for a ‘problem’ and genuinely seems disappointed when my BP is low and when she had to tell me my glucose tolerance test results were perfect. She seems unable to accept that a curvy gal can have no high risk factors.

Thanks for listening to my random ramble – I needed to just get it all out.

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  1. Congratulations Becky & James.
    I had SPD – not nice at all.
    Glad to hear you are doing well on other fronts.
    Not long till your meet your new cherub.

    • Thanks Trish. I could not imagine suffering SPD with a twin pregnancy! I just remind myself that I’m still able to walk and am not in a wheelchair (like a friend of mine ended up) to help me through.

  2. SPD was the absolute pits. If you’d like a little bit of relief, google “rebozo sifting”- it can be done with a woven wrap or even a sarong. My husband used to do it for me every night and it was bliss 🙂

    • I’ve not heard of that before. It certainly looks interesting, is it not uncomfortable at all? I’ll talk to hubby about it, thanks for sharing.

  3. I’m not surprised you haven’t had time to write more, geez. I wasn’t aware of SPD until you mentioned it last time. Thinking of you hun xx

    • I hadn’t heard of it until I was diagnosed. There are so many of those things that just don’t really seem to be talked about, I’m surprised by how many people I know have suffered with it!

  4. Urgh. SPD is awful. It’s one of the primary reasons I don’t ever want to be pregnant again! If I had ‘easy’ pregnancies I would quite happily have 4 kids! Hang in there you poor thing, nearly there xxx #TeamIBOT

    • Thanks Bec! If I had easy pregnancies I think I would have a football team! It’s so annoying to discover that it’s not all glowing and being zen mumma-to-be.

  5. pregnancy really does seem like the most ridiculous idea, no matter how wonderful it actually is to grow a person inside you.
    I hope you get the answers you need on Friday. Having some sense of what’s going to happen is a great source of comfort. xx

    • It really does, Jess! I can go from ‘Woohoo new baby!’ to ‘this pregnancy stuff is crazy!’ in a split second. I’m not really keen for it to be over just yet as it’s the last but at the same time I am excited to think it’s only 8 weeks until I’m due.

  6. Pregnancy is such hard work even without the complications you have experienced, Becky. I had a complicated pregnancy with both my first and last babies and it is beyond stressful, worrying about what might happen. It’s hard to put it out of your head. I think it’s perfectly natural to feel that way and at the end of the day, we just get on with it, don’t we? Just a couple more months to hang in there and then you are your bubba are freeeeeee! x

  7. Oh I hear you! I’m pregnant with my third and the entire thing is just a melt down of exhaustion from beginning to what will be the end. The pregnancy for me is going fine – no physical upsets like yourself, but just the whole looking after little people and being pregnant is all a bit much really. I’m not very good at it. I so wanted to really savor this one as it will be my last, but that’s hard. Seriously hard. Pregnancy is complicated, agreed. I hope you get some rest this weekend, somehow x


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