4 Things I didn’t know about pregnancy

Having done this pregnancy thing three times, I felt quite confident that I knew what I was in for this time…

Having had a few kids, I feel like I know a thing or two about growing a human and this whole pregnancy deal but it turns out there are things you just never know about until they happen to you – even if you later find out it happens to practically every other (or every second) pregnant women out there.

Here are just a couple of things I have learnt this time around;


1. Morning sickness can COME BACK

When I hit 15 weeks and my morning sickness subsided I was thrilled, having lived through 9 months of feeling constantly sick with Ellie (or, maybe it was Kahlei. Or Jasper – honestly, at this point I am lucky if I remember anything) I was delighted to be able to actually eat something other than corn kernels and feel like a somewhat normal person.

Then, at 25 weeks, it all came rushing back and the best* part? It’s been worse than those initial weeks. More food aversions, more vomiting, more constant ickyness. Of course, I turned to the ever trusty Google and found out that it’s normal for morning sickness to return in the third trimester. Why didn’t anybody tell me??


2. Pregnancy can upset your gallbladder

Gallbladders and gallstones have always been things I’ve heard of but never really thought or worried about. That kind of issue happens to older people than me (no matter my age) and, having no real knowledge of the issues I suppose I assumed it was a ‘lesser’ ailment.

However, 19 weeks ago (thanks Instagram),  I discovered gallbladder issues are terrifying and horrendously painful. After ending up in the ER, thinking I was having a heart attack it took just over  week to discover I had pebbles in my gallbladder. Not even fully fledged stones.

As my attacks became more frequent and painful I did more investigating and found it can be common for these issues to arise in pregnancy.

Now on top of not sleeping because I need to wee/am uncomfortable/someone is calling me/I can’t stop my brain from running through stupid name suggestions, I can add not sleeping because I am in immense pain complete with vomiting for hours on end. Up until the last couple of weeks I was having 1-2 attacks a week but have had a greatly needed break (which is why I forgot to add it into my whole whinge post the other day). Unfortunately, my pain-free streak was broken with an extreme attack the other night.


3. Movements can feel different when bub is in a transverse position

At my recent growth scan we discovered Patch is now in a transverse position, due to already needing a c-section this information hasn’t given me more anxiety but it has explained why movements have recently been soo different. Baby-Patch-33wks

A week ago, at my midwives appointment bub was head down and I was receiving good strong kicks to my ribs and pelvis aching wriggles below and then it was suddenly all weird wriggles and bumps just under my ribs with the occasional pop just below my belly button. Mostly, it feels like a perpetual Mexican wave is happening. Such a funny sensation.

Obviously, all my other kiddos were head down in this bigger stage as I’ve not felt anything like it. It’s particularly horrible when I’m having a gallstone attack and Patch is partying and pressing on just the right place to cause the pain to be even worse (which I didn’t know was even possible).

Sometimes I can feel the outline of bub’s head, which is cool but also makes me worried it’s not protected enough.


4. Pregnancy in summer is the worst

In fact, pregnancy in summer should actually be illegal. If morning sickness is bad, the summer heat makes it a million times worse. Pregnancy exhaustion is bad but, in the summer? It’s like being a huge waddling, melting marshmallow. Everything hurts and being hot makes you feel sorer, heavier, slower.

I had Kahlei at the very start of December, but those 4 days of summer did not prepare me for what it would be like. Thank goodness for pools and the beach!

What did you learn about pregnancy the hard way?

* Sarcasm. It is not the best part.

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  1. I’m currently pregnant with baby #3 and it’s amazing how each pregnancy can be so different. This time round I had the worst morning sickness for 18 weeks which, like you, returned early in the third trimester for a short while. I have also had swollen feet and ankles – I don’t know how I dodged that one with my other two girls, but perhaps it’s the summer heat which I haven’t enjoyed at all! I can’t even imagine having gallstones during pregnancy – you poor thing! Hope you feel better soon and good luck with everything x

    • I would blame the heat for the swelling! And a lot of things, really! I really didn’t know how much the warm weather would make everything worse.
      I hope your swelling isn’t too bad! I’ve managed to miss that bullet thankfully.

  2. Yep! all of those. Also, not everyone has weird cravings and you’re not eating for two, you’re eating for one and a very tiny tiny little fetus. 🙂

    • I’ve never had any weird cravings – I sometimes feel left out, but my hubby gets them! What weird cravings did you get?

  3. Gosh I didn’t know these things either – especially about it affecting your gall bladder! Look after yourself!!

    • I was shocked abut the gallstones and I could have happily gone without knowing! I think we need more information about these things before you get pregnant!

  4. I have had 5, and they were mostly similar, but always learning new things! #teamIBOT

    • Right now I wish this one was much like the others. It’s completely different.

  5. Ah the memories ……. (except the gallstones – although my cousin Valerie had gallstones during her first pregnancy, so they removed her gallbladder before she had her second child). I had miserable morning sickness for the whole nine months x four. Number three, Ben, was transverse when I went in to labour. I was given an epidural and my OBG turned him manually. And yes, I had weird cravings – something different each time. They are SO worth it all though, of course 🙂

    • Thank goodness they’re worth it in the end 😉

  6. I must confess: despite having had two babies, I did not know the first three items on your list. The last one though, I remember well! It’s like carrying around a permanent hot water bottle which is the last thing you need in Summer!!!

    • Right now I wish I didn’t know these things! Haha. Bring on Autumn I say.

  7. I think it’s amazing that each pregnancy can be so different. I was pregnant during summer too and it was the worst. I basically drank slurpies all day every day to try and cool down my insides. #aussieparentingbloggers

    • I agree, it’s so weird they’re so different. I wish I had thought of slurpies throughout the summer, what a great idea.

  8. I was like you with number 1 having a 3rd of December bub but this one I’ve been pregnant right through summer. And it’s still 33 degrees here mid march. Ahhhhh lol 11 more weeks.

    • Bring on the cooler weather! It seems unfair that we have to deal with the heat on top of everything else! Good luck for the next 11 weeks – I hope they go fast!

  9. Oh there were so many things I didn’t know about pregnancy until I was there. The heat is the worst! Hubby and I used to walk all the time and the last walk we took while I was pregnant was when I was 8 months pregnant in November and I nearly passed out from the heat!


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