10 things to do before baby arrives

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I’ve been looking for a list of things to do before baby arrives and I’ve found lots – full of awesome tips for finishing the nursery, spoiling yourself and going on dates with your husband but none of them are quite what I need, even though I would actually love to go on a date with my husband (especially with our 8th wedding anniversary coming up).

What I need is a list of things to do with my current baby before it’s no longer just him and I at home. Fun, simple and, most importantly – doable things that I might forget to do in the busyness of preparing and the exhaustion of being pregnant if I don’t make a plan.

It’s all feeling very bitter sweet. Excitement about the impending new arrival but sadness that my time with just Jasper is about to be over before expected (when he goes to school next year, which, to be honest is much sooner than I expected) so I hope to make the next 5 and a bit – six weeks a little bit special for both of us.

Here is a little list I’ve come up with – I’d love to hear any other ideas you have!

things to do with your child before they go to school, things to do with your child before baby arrives, 1. Go to the beach

Just the two of us. Make sand castles and spend as much time as we want just playing and not having to deal with naps or feeds or nappies.


2. Plane watch

Jasper loves to see the planes overhead so I am going to find out the times of landing and departing flights at our local airport and take a picnic to watch some just because we can.


3. Cook up a storm

Cooking is a pretty exciting activity in this house and when it doesn’t involve sisters it’s even better. Hopefully, we can prepare some lunch box fillers for while I am in hospital and while recovering. Two birds.


4. Lunch with the monkeys

Having an annual pass to the zoo, unfortunately, doesn’t mean mummy will take you to the zoo as often as she should. I imagine zoo visits will get somewhat more complicated in the near future, so we’re going to go and have a nice lunch with the monkeys.


5. Play cars/monster trucks/babies/whatever

There might be less opportunity for me to do so for a while after Patchy arrives, so making the effort now is important.


6. Get crafting

Jazzy loves his craft and letting his imagination run wild and I love being part of that. We’re going to get the paints out and make whatever he wants, as well as some mess!


7. Have a special morning tea/lunch

Meeting daddy in town for a little meal is something he loves to do and I think a special meal is in order before he becomes a big brother.


8. Visit a park

Normally, I like to pick the parks we visit and we are often bound to a time limit due to appointments or having to pick up the girls. I’d like to give him the choice of parks on a day when we have no other obligations (go early so we will be on time for pick up and it won’t be an issue) and let him decide when he has had enough.


9. Spot frogs

We have found a little spot near the hospital where we can sit and spot frogs after my appointments. It’s quiet (other than the croaking frogs, of course) and it’s almost like a little world just for us. I want to stop rushing and spot more frogs.


10. Nothing

We’re going to be a different kind of busy once the baby is here, so I want to remember to take the time to sit and talk and read and not fill every minute with noise and business because that will come.

What would you add?

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  1. I love number 10! Lovely post and such gorgeous pics too. All the best for your new arrival. (stopping by with #IBOT)

    • Number 10 is my favourite! Thanks so much for stopping by, Tonia.

  2. Great ideas! I wish I had enough energy to get through a list like that. Good luck 🙂

    • I’m not sure I will have the energy but I’m going to give it a go!

  3. You know, number 10 sounds like the best of them all. Enjoy that cuddly time together just you and him. I remember feeling this way before my second came along. Another idea is to try to think of ways you and he can spend time together after the baby is born. My first daughter became very jealous when the second came along, so I made sure we still had some one on one time. #teamIBOT

    • I agree that number 10 is the best! Thanks for the tip – I have been thinking about how we will make time together afterwards (or, rather, stressing about it) and I hope I can find a way to make him feel included and just as important as he has always been. It’s a complicated business, having a new baby, isn’t it?

  4. I remember when my second went to preschool and it was me and BJ for the first time ever, I took him to a crocodile park. We had such a lovely time.
    That weekend I was put on bed rest and we never got to do any of the other things I had planned, because we just sat at home. It was still good, and he was great about it, but I’m so glad we had that one day. Even if just for me.
    So I get that you want to make the most of these last few weeks. It’s such a special time. xx

    • That’s so beautiful, Jess, to have had that special day together! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I did a lot of number ten when I had subsequent babies only because I was too big and exhausted to do anything. Very excited for you with the pending new addition to your family. X

    • Thanks so much, Bec. Number 10 will be what we do most of. I’m unsure how I am going to manage these things but I am determined to try!

  6. I think this kind of list will be unique for each child. The most important thing is just to spend time with your little boy and truly enjoy the moment, soak it all in. Plus, involve him in the preparations for baby so he feels connected to that as well. Easier said than done sometimes though when things are so busy. Good luck with everything! x

  7. Oh my friend, do NOTHING, I’m very envious of you. I would LOVE another soul to nurture but I’m not sure my own is ready to take that on again. Big ups to you xxx

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