We have a date!

Finally, FINALLY, we have some answers (only two and a half weeks after I was supposed to have them) and we have a date for when we will be meeting Baby Patch.

So, in three weeks and three days – on the 17th of April – we will be welcoming our new little bundle of squishy sleeplessness into our lives. Yay and also eek!

Officially, I am having the cesarean in our local hospital but apparently, due to the specialist anesthetist I saw some weeks ago being on holidays when I’m booked in, the replacement may still decide to send me on to Canberra. I’m choosing to not worry about this and focus on getting us all organised (ha!).

Just a little update tonight, to share the good news!

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  1. How exciting!


  3. It’s kinda nice to know when you will actually be meeting your baby. I hope it brings some reassurance. I’m in the no idea mans land but I’ve got a few months off yet before baby no. 3 makes an arrival. I’ll be watching your journey closely x

  4. That’s exciting news! 🙂 Hope all goes well…

  5. I’m getting a really good vibe about 17/4/15… I’m sure there are good numerology patterns happening in there somewhere! Yay for Patch! x

  6. I bet that it’s SO nice to have a date to plan for. I’ve been thinking about you, the time has flown, for me anyhow! xx

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