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At least the baby has somewhere to sleep….

This time next week I will, most likely, be in recovery. I will be the mother of a brand new baby. I will be the mother of four. Which, I have to be honest, seems crazy (is crazy?). This  pregnancy has been way too fast and completely too slow all at once. Time has taken on a whole new dimension as I’ve navigated life as a pregnant mum to school aged children.

I’m ready. I’m not ready.

Dear Baby Patch, I love your guts but please get out of mine.

I’m ready to have my body back, to be able to sit and sleep comfortably and not have to go to the bathroom a million times. I’m ready for my hips and pelvis to stop crunching, scraping, grinding and screaming at me and for all the pregnancy niggles to be a thing of the past. And I am ready to meet the little one.

In practically every other way I’m not ready. I don’t know what to do with a newborn. I’d like a bit more sleep. Mostly, though, I am completely overwhelmed by getting the house and family ready for our new arrival. I’ve not nested before, at least, not really.

To be honest, when I was bringing Jasper home I barely had to do anything to prepare the house. I had two tiny girls (almost 2 and just turned 3) who napped through out the day and picked up after themselves. They didn’t run in and out of the house, bringing in dirt. They didn’t collect leaves and sticks and all manner of interesting things.


This, apparently, was my house ‘suffering’ from my being sick

I see pics like the one above in my Timehop app and roll my eyes at my douchbaggery. Seriously, if this was what I had to deal with now I’d be cheering.

No matter how much I do, nothing seems to be actually getting done. The more I do, the more there is to do and I am beyond frustrated. I’m exhausted and in pain.

The last thing I wanted to do was spend this last pre-baby holiday trying to make sure I won’t come home to a crazy house – I need to be as organised as possible in order to get through those first few weeks. I wanted to be spending quality time with my munchies, enjoying some sun (okay, that’s not something I can do anything about, though) and getting some rest.

I feel ripped off that we’ve used our time and energy doing things elsewhere that seem less than pressing. So, instead of having a restful, loving family time I am stressed and busy and I can’t shift the urge to have it all done. Apparently, nesting can be as all consuming as other pregnancy symptoms. I honestly had no idea.

What will you be up to this weekend?
What are you looking forward to (or not) in the near future?

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  1. I only felt nesty the day I went in to labor. I am not much of a clean freak and rarely get on top of the housework.. Oh well. All the very best for a wonderful birthing experience 🙂

    • I’m rarely on top of it either and I am hating this nesting instinct. It’s not me! Thanks xx

  2. Nesting is a strong instinct and I’ve got it fairly fiercely but like you, there is always something in the way of me actually fully getting stuff done. It’s frustrating and it sounds like you’re fed up.
    At your point rest is so important. I wonder if you can organise some help to get your jobs done or take the kids off your hands so you can have a decent session, and then dedicate the remaining days to rest? Happy last week! I look forward to hearing about all the things to come x

    • I would have loved to be able to organise some help but it’s not possible. Very frustrating!

  3. I am 8 years post baby and I am still nesting lol. I am no help to you at all xx

    • Lol. It never ends, does it!

  4. There is always a to do list as long as Rapunzel’s hair. Take a deep breath, enjoy these last moments and rest as much as you can. You’re gonna need it lol! Good luck x

    • You’re so right, thank you Jodi!

  5. The mess will be there again 5 minutes after you have it cleaned! Don’t worry too much about it, and make sure you rest!

    • I’m trying not to worry and get some rest but this feeling is so relentless. It’s ridiculous.

  6. All I can say to you is don’t sweat the small stuff. There will always be something to do, a new mess to clean etc. Enjoy some you time before your precious bub arrives.

    • You’re so right. I’m trying to rest and not worry too much. The urge to nest should be something the father gets, I think, seems only fair.

  7. Oh lovely, I feel for you. The last few weeks of a pregnancy are the worst, and everything honestly feels a million times worse than it will in a couple of weeks once you’ve given birth and you get all the good hormones. But you know that in your mind somewhere, right now though, knowing that doesn’t change how you feel. I hope you get a chance to take a breath between now and bubs arrival, and just know that no matter what, you are doing a great job! xx

    • Thanks Kylie. I’m trying to remember that it’s not as bad as I think but my sane section is being yelled down by my highly irrational and emotional side!

  8. “I love your guts but please get out of mine!” – LOL!
    I feel like I’m forever nesting especially this year when everything seems to be falling to pieces. You’re at the home stretch now. Take care of you and remember: all will be well x

    • I think you’re right, Grace – it never actually ends. It just gets worse! Thank you x

  9. Oh my dear Becky – in a week???? WHAT THE ACTUAL. I feel we haven’t ‘spoken’ enough since I found our you were having your 4th. You’ve got this my friend, just take care of yourself and I send you amazing healthy vibes xx

    • 4 days now… … I don’t even know how it’s come around so fast! I know I’ve not been commenting on you as much as normal – I keep getting distracted.
      Thank you for your lovely words. I need them right now!


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