Making it official

If I know one thing as a blogger it is that things aren’t officially official until they’re shared on the blog, and so I figured it was time to OFFICIALLY introduce you all to the newest little love of my life, Felix Patch.


Although I felt somewhat sure I was probably never going to come out of the operating room four weeks ago (melodramatic much?), I was wheeled out to my perfect grumpy old man in baby form and we’ve been utterly besotted ever since.

These have been the best ‘first weeks’ in so many ways. Felix is such an easy going, happy boy. There’s been no real dramas and sharing these early days with kids who are old enough to not only be interested in a new baby but also excited and helpful has been such a joy.

I thought they would surely grow bored of him after that first week, given that all he does is feed, poop, sleep and cry on occasion but all three have shown their dedication to their role as big sister or brother. They always want to cuddle and talk to him, singing him funny songs and telling him tales. Tummy time is always a family affair and if he needs settling there’s always a willing hand to pat him and re-tuck his blanket.

James isn’t sure if there has ever been a baby as cute and lovely as our brand new boy (I remind him that there, in fact, have been at least three) and they enjoy some special time together every night. And if they keep being so cute I might just decide that another baby is a great idea*.

As for me, I have discovered that you were all right – this whole having a baby thing does come back to you but more importantly, I’ve found I’m comfortable within myself and this time around I don’t question myself over every little thing or find a reason to feel guilty every second of the day. We’re finding our way as a family of six and I feel immense relief.

Sure, I’m not back to doing all the normal ‘life’ things like school pick up or keeping on top of laundry and the house is a complete mess thanks to me ending up with an infection (Cellulitis). And I’m going just a tad stir crazy being unable to get out whenever I want to where ever I feel like it. Poor Felix is having some tough days getting used to the new antibiotics (as am I) and it’s heartbreaking – hopefully these ones are the right ones and we will soon be clear of them.

I’ve always healed so well in the past so I’m finding the lingering pain, sick-to-my-stomach feeling and physical exhaustion (on top of new babe exhaustion) it is causing tough BUT I am mentally okay right now and I’m relishing that.

The fog, fear and confusion simply isn’t there and that is making a HUGE difference.


So, what have you been up to?
Did  you see my photos of my superheroes on Wednesday?

* Just joking **

** Or am I?

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  1. Congratulations on bub, I love his name. Enjoy your family of six, there are lots of adventures ahead of you xx

  2. Congratulations 🙂

  3. Oh gorgeous!! Beautiful pics and awesome name, congrats!!! Hope your recovery is speedy from here on in Xxx

  4. Oh be still my ovaries. I think of you heaps. Just take care my lovely xx

  5. Oh Becky, congratulations again. He is such a lovely baby boy and I am really enjoying your updates on FB and IG when you get a chance. I loved that J made you lunch yesterday. So sorry to read you’ve been somewhat physically compromised in recovery but you sound very content. Love to all. Denyse xxxxxx

  6. Oh congrats, Becky!!! He is just divine! Love the name Felix!

  7. So cute! Congratulations on your new addition xx


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