10 things I’m loving about my newborn

As with my pregnancy, I fully intended to fully immerse myself in all that is the newborn stage with Felix, just in case he’s the last (he really should be) and, thankfully, I’ve been able to do just that in a way I was never able to before.

There are a million things to love about newborns and a million things not to but here are 10 things that I can’t get enough of right now;


1. Baby snuggles

There’s not a lot better than cuddles with a new baby. They’re soft, warm and happy to stay in your arms for as long as you’re able to hold them there. While I was quite strict about not rocking Jasper and Kahlei to sleep due to a horror run with Ellie I have relaxed those rules and am so happy I have.

2. His old man wrinkles

There’s just something about baby boys and how they arrive here looking like they’ve been here for a whole lifetime already that gets me. His soft wrinkles, particularly those on his forehead, give me hours of endless joy.

3. Chubby baby arms/legs/chin(you get the idea)

At 5 and a half weeks, Felix is 5kgs and has all the rolls that make babies completely delicious. I looked in Jasper’s Blue Book and discovered he still hadn’t made it to 5 kilos by 13 weeks! I thought my little piggy was getting big quick but I had no idea it was happening that quickly (Felix was smaller than Jasper when born).

4. His perfect little hands and feet

baby feet
As a rule, I am no a lover of feet. Baby feet, however, make me giddy. They’re just so tiny and adorable. Felix’s feet and hands were tiny but they have grown so fast! His 0000 suits still fit his body but he will have to move up a size just to accommodate his feet. Seriously. Lucky they’re still small enough to be cute.

5. New baby smiles

We’re just starting to get some deliberate, responsive big gummy smiles. They’re hard to catch on camera and he’s still playing it all a bit illusive. So far I’ve worked out he’s a fan of raised eyebrows (maybe he likes my forehead wrinkles, too?).

6. The grunts, snores, snorts and other random sounds

Honestly, how something so small and defenseless can make so much noise is beyond me. I’m not sure any of the other children were quite as noisy as this boy and it might start getting really annoying at some point but for now the ridiculous about of sound that comes out of his mouth just makes me smile and appreciate that he is letting me know he’s breathing without me having to get up and check a hundred times. So thoughtful.

7. His old man grumpy face

When Felix is unimpressed you know. He has great expressions and my favourite has to be the ‘old man grumpy face’, hands down. I know I shouldn’t giggle when he’s unhappy with me but I just can’t help it. Being told off by a newborn (he grunts at me in a particular way) while he’s looking so grumpy is completely priceless.

8. Milk drunk baby

Love, love, love that floppy, contentedness of a baby who is choc-a-block full of milk. I can’t get enough of the funny little expressions that cross his face when he comes off the boob and is too full to do anything other than lie there.

9. His copy cat tendencies

He started poking his tongue out in response to James at about two weeks and I love watching him copying the other kids when they do it to him. I’m looking forward to the other things he will start doing in response to us having done it first, although, I’m happy for him to go slow!

10. Karate

I’m pretty sure Felix is some kind of black belt. He looks like he knows what he’s doing when he’s waving those chubby little arms around and holds them just so, like he’s ready to take on anyone. It certainly explains a whole lot of the crazy movements I felt while I was pregnant!

What’s your favourite thing about newborns?

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  1. My favourite thing is that delightful warm newborn smell.

    • Oh I LOVE that newborn smell too Malinda

  2. So cute! What a gorgeous little man 🙂 I miss my little newborn but love seeing her develop all the time! Congrats on your beautiful little person!

    • Thank you Luisa! It all goes so fast, doesn’t it? And so bitter sweet.

  3. Yes!! Old man grumpy face, milk drunk face and baby feet are THE BEST. This post needs to come with a CLUCK WARNING!

    • Haha sorry!

  4. Yep this definitely makes me want more babies 🙂

    • I highly recommend it!

  5. So much sweetness. You’ve reminded me of all the things to look forward to in a few weeks when my babe arrives. That baby smell and having them fall asleep on you during cuddles is pretty spesh x

    • I see you’ve had your bub! Congrats and so excited for you. I hope you’re enjoying those special times x

  6. Oh how cute. Agree with all of these. I love the newborn smiles when they are falling asleep. Just so precious.

    • I love all the little emotions their faces can go through when sleeping, all in quick succession. Love sleeping faces!

  7. He is just perfect Becky. Soak him all up. Those baby days fly past so quickly.

    • Thanks so much Jess, I think he’s pretty perfect and he’s already so grown up compared to when I wrote this.

  8. He is divine – my hub is 5 months and those weeks have flown by! All those little things change so quickly and like you, Im trying to saviour every smile, smell and moment. Enjoy x

    Hello from #teamIBOT

    • Thank you Chantel, can’t believe how fast it goes the fourth time around.

  9. He is divine! My hub is now 5 months and those weeks have flown by too fast. Like you, I am trying to savour every smell, smile and moment. Enjoy x

    Hello from #teamIBOT

  10. He looks absolutely adorable!! Congrats!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    • Thanks Ai

  11. Oh my Gosh! You’ve made me cluckier than ever!

    • Sorry Renee! I find it hard to not want to have another baby thanks to him, too.

  12. Nawww, what’s not to love? It goes way too quickly, doesn’t it? He is beautiful.

    • WAY too quickly Dani!

  13. Love the milk drunk faces and that divine newborn baby smell. Obviously not the poo and spew smell, but that beautiful smell you just want to inhale from the top of their heads for hours!

    • No, poo and spew aren’t the best! Thankfully, they are far out weighed bu all the good stuff.

  14. Newborn hands and feet are just THE most delicious little things. Enjoy!!

    • Thank you Michelle!

  15. Ah, Becky, thank you! You’ve reminded me that newborns are actually rather wonderful. I have at tendency to focus on the negative during the newborn stage!!!! Bless you all and happy days. x

    • Thank you Bron. I didn’t remember all these things with the other three. I think being in the PND cloud I didn’t really appreciate these things for what they were but it’s all SO GOOD!

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