Wearing vomit, sucking snot and wiping gunk

I have discovered something worse than being pregnant in the summer – a baby born just at the beginning of winter with older siblings which go to school. The joy of this particular mix is a sick baby at a very young age (not to mention cold boobs during night feeds!).

My poor little chubba has just had a really bad run of it lately. It started with a snotty nose which made him sound like snuffaluffagus and made sleeping at night difficult for him. There’s nothing worse than a sick bub, so I asked James to get me an aspirator to help him and his response was to research and order the ‘best selling Baby Product in the World’ which sounded awesome until he told me that I was going to have to actually, literally SUCK Felix’s snot out. Yup.

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Once it was here I couldn’t avoid it (even though I put it straight under the sink in the hope that I would forget), he needed some help and so I got to sucking. And honestly? That first time, the sound alone left me dry heaving. Seriously so gross. But then a miracle happened and Felix was able to breathe better which led to a better sleep for him (and us), so the NoseFrida* (affiliate link) became an instant ‘must have’.

For awhile, Frida and I were basically inseparable to the point where the kids started teasing me saying I enjoyed sucking baby snot, but, nope – it’s still pretty gross, although, I will secretly admit it is also disgustingly intriguing also. It’s amazing how much a tiny nose can hold! Even Jasper asks to see what has been removed, followed by lots of gagging.

We got on top of the snot just in time for him to get a cough. It started a week ago and has become worse as the days pass. He will cough and cough until he vomits – generally all over me just after I’ve dressed. He’s seen two doctors who are happy with him given that he’s still feeding like a champ (seriously, you don’t get cheeks like these by messing about at feed time!) and is still happy (even if he’s reasonably grumpy for HIM not his normal happy self).


Those cheeks! That chin!

Him still being smiley and giggly makes me feel a teensy bit better but that cough, it’s horrible and heart breaking. It wakes him up and makes him grumpy and even when he is sleeping I’m not because I’m listening to his breathing. 

In the midst of all this he ended up with conjunctivitis as well. And even through gunky, crusty eyes and me wiping them out constantly with cotton balls, he still manages to be such a chill little dude. I don’t want to jinx it but maybe I have birthed a male without the man flu gene?

While I’m thankful that he’s not a complete misery or so sick he needs hospitalisation, I’m ready for him to be well again and back to his fully happy baby self.

Did you have a winter baby?
Did they end up sick much younger than you expected?Do you believe there could be a male who doesn’t suffer from man flu?

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* I get paid if you follow my affiliate link and buy a Nosefrida Aspirator with Free Filters(worth $5).


  1. Oh Becky – I know these days exactly and precisely. My oldest daughter was 3 weeks old when she got her first cold, so too young for panadol. I think I used saline drops in her nose right before a feed so she could actually breathe and not vomit the whole feed up on me straight after.

    And my youngest child spent his first five winters on antibiotics with chest infections. I remember being away on holidays once when he ended up with a chest infection, ear infection, conjunctivitis and throat infection all at the one time. Funny thing though, he always slept pretty well. Probably too dosed up on cold and flu stuff to do otherwise! He thought Dimetapp was like lolly water!

    • Oh Tracy! A sick three year old would be horrible! And your poor little boy, I imagine winter was not your favourite season while he suffered through those first five.
      I remember I used to love Demazin (not sure that’s how you spell it) and would get excited when I had to have it. I wonder if they still make that?

  2. Wow I never knew this nose Frida thing was so effective! Sounds like you did a great job with it! Awful when they get a run of bad health, especially over winter. Before they were one, by twins got this three week virus which was basically just a lot of snot and random high temps, then conjunctivis, then hand foot and mouth! One thing after the other!

    • It really is, Laney, although I admit I was skeptical at first.
      It’s so unfair when littlies get sick and then just keep getting other things! I can’t imagine having to deal with two sick babes though!

  3. Thankfully both of mine were spring babes- I don’t know if I could do the nose frida- I couldn’t even watch the demo at the PBC expo without gagging πŸ™‚

    • It’s not the easiest thing to have to do! I try to block out the noise and think about something else!

  4. I had one winter baby but he was my first child so I think he was much easier than what you have been experiencing you poor thing. I hope your little guy is back to full health soon hun. xx

    • Thanks Sonia. I think it should be a rule that winter babies can only be first babies as siblings just make it so difficult!

  5. What a cute bubba, so sorry to hear he has been sick. Just reading about snot sucking was making me gag, luckily I didn’t have to do it but sounds like it works – the things we do right!

    • Hi Vicki, thanks for stopping by! I felt rather ill at the thought when I first found out exactly what James had bought, too.
      You’re so right – the things we do! Hopefully they appreciate it when they grow up!

  6. Ah yes, the Nosefrida, have given that a red hot run over the years. My daughter had cold after cold from three months (eventually diagnosed with allergies), so the Nosefrida was never far from reach. The worst is trying to use it when you’ve got a blocked nose yourself, you suddenly realise that you’re about to pass out from not breathing!

    • I’ve not had the ‘pleasure’ of using it while blocked up myself. Something to look forward to!

  7. Poor little guy! I had a winter baby but no older kids so she didnt really get sick until she was a few months old.

  8. Ooh yeah – I had two winter babies … the first seemed to come through largely unscathed (I guess because he had no older siblings to bring home nasty stuff!) The second, she was sick for weeks and weeks. We too gave that aspirator a go but it never worked that well for us. And I found the grossness of it hard to get past!

  9. I remember those snot sucking days well, and thank you because you just cured me of the cluckiness I had beens suffering of late πŸ™‚
    Hope he’s feeling better now. xx

    • Happy to provide a community service πŸ˜‰ It definitely hasn’t been my favourite thing! He’s much better now thank you


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