What’s your name again?

Even though he’s been around for almost two and a half months now I still struggle to get Felix’s name right. Sometimes, I call him Jasper or Jazzy. Sometimes, when he’s being a bit noisy, I call him Scraps (was our noisy dog). Sometimes I call him Patch and other times I just draw a blank.

It’s been different this time around. All the older three had their names well and truly cemented in our minds by the time they were born but, for whatever reason, naming Felix wasn’t that simple. And while I am sure some people thought we were being coy and simply not sharing our name we really didn’t know until after he was born and even then we were still umming and ahhing.

I really wanted to call him Jethro but Jasper and James had an inability to say the ‘th’ and say ‘ff’ instead.

Yea, that’s not happening.

Obviously, I have enough children to not be able to remember his name anyway. I probably should have numbered them or named them all Ellie, that way I wouldn’t have to go through every name to get to the right one. But, for whatever reason, I am struggling to keep his name in my mind. Often, I am left exclaiming ‘What is your name!?’

Of course, I do love his name. 

I don’t love when people start calling him Felix the cat. That association was my main reason of concern with using Felix and I had hoped that it would seem rude to others to bring it up when told his name. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

At least they’re not as bad as the people who flat out tell us they don’t like his name.

Thankfully, other people don’t have to like it. I just wish I could remember it!

Can you remember your children’s names?

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  1. Oh he is so cuuuuute! Makes me a little bit clucky! I don’t forget their names but birthdays are a whole other story! I just planned my sons 4th birthday for months to be on the Sunday (his actual birthday) until one day I had a lightbulb moment and realised I had the wrong date! His birthday was ACTUALLY on the Saturday. Oh dear. I blame the kids you know, they damage our brain cells. If I had a fourth I would totally forget their name! 🙂 Visiting from #IBOT.

    • Thanks so much for popping by Haidee! He even makes me clucky – which is a problem! Haha, I hope you didn’t tell everyone that the Sunday was his actual birthday! I agree with you, it’s all their fault. I had hoped baby brain would go away but it just doesn’t!

  2. Felix is an awesome name – i can never remember any of my kids’ names if that helps? I’m like a granny. I’ve taken to calling Lottie and Arabella “Lari” just so I don’t have to think who is who… x

    • I think it’s awesome too, thanks Bron. I’m the same when I need to call a child but I find I can’t introduce him without struggling. Just yesterday I was asked his name and Jasper’s name and I answered Jasper twice – I got some weird looks!
      I think a universal nickname is the way to go, great idea!

  3. I love the name Felix. We had difficulty naming our fourth baby as well. The fact that we had four boys didn’t help either lol I still go through all the kids names before I land on the right one. I’m always…which one are you ? x

    • Thanks Beck. I can’t imagine having to name FOUR boys given how much trouble we had for two!

  4. Oh he’s such cutie. While I don’t have trouble remembering my baby girl’s name, I often call all of my children by their other siblings names … I have to get it right eventually hey?! Also, I have a tendency of using the shortened version of her name, so I try my hardest to use her full name when I talk to her so she does grow up realising what her actual name is!

    • I definitely do the same with going through all the names first, plus the dog (who is no longer with us) and the cat that disappeared a couple of years ago…

  5. LOVE the name Felix! Don’t worry, the people that joke about it or tell you they don’t like it are just ENVIOUS they don’t have the guts to go for a slightly left of field name. He is divine by the way! I have four kids too and yep I sometimes go through all their name trying to get the one I want!

  6. I get mine mixed up all the time as there are so many of them – ha ha. Love Felix as a name. Rest up lovely x

  7. I love the name Felix! Don’t listen to what the others say! I don’t necessarily forget the twinions’ names but I do get them mixed up then end up combining them. Here’s hoping that they won’t suffer from an identity complex later on 🙂

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