And again 

As quickly as Felix picked up and returned to his happy, chubba self, he has gone down hill and ended up so sick. 

On Thursday morning last week he went to bed a happy boy and awoke a misery. Throughout his cough he was still able to feed and smile, this time around he has struggled to do much more than cry and sleep. 

Sunday night I took him to Emergency as his temp hit 39, he had a rash and was barely drinking and when he did he would bring it all back up. He was diagnosed with Bronchiolitis and sent home as it’s too early to do any more than watch and wait. I was told to see a doctor Monday to keep an eye on him. 

Apparently a chest infection is the underlying cause and the doctor was skeptical that we would make it through last night without him ending up in hospital. Thankfully Felix seemed to pick up during the afternoon only to wake hourly overnight. We made it without having to go back to hospital, but this morning he is terribly out of sorts and seems much worse again. 

He has a doctors appointment this morning (the doctor wants to see him daily to keep an eye on things). I really hope he’s on the mend – I remember how horribly heartbreaking it was when Kahlei went to hospital at 11 months with bronchiolitis and it’s not something I want to recreate, especially with a baby under three months. 

What are you doing with your last week of school holidays or are they over for you?

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  1. Gosh isn’t your little Felix growing up so quickly, hope that he is much better!

    • He is! I keep telling him to slow down but he insists on continuing to grow. Thanks, Stephanie.

  2. I hope he is feeling better soon. Poor bubba and poor mumma too.

    • Thanks Caz! I think he’s on the mend now (hope I don’t jinx it!). We’re both pretty exhausted from it all.

  3. He’s adorable…I really hope he feels better soon. xx

    • Thank you Sanch!

  4. Oh, that’s not good! I hope he’s picked up again this arvo. He’s such a gorgeous little guy; it’s not fair he’s feeling poorly.

    • Thanks Jess. It’s so so sad and I am keen to have my happy boy back. He’s getting there. We’ve had some smiles and a couple of little chats today so I am taking that as a positive!

  5. Sorry to hear he’s been unwell and hope he’s well and truly on the mend!


    • Thanks Deb. He is much better now!

  6. I am so sorry to hear that Felix is very unwell. I do hope he can get better with the help of time, loving mama care and some meds… May you both stay away from hospital. D xx

    • Thank you, D. We did stay away from hospital, much to the Drs surprise and he is so much better now – back to his happy smiley self.

  7. Oh poor Felix, hope he’s feeling better really soon! My baby girl has been sick this week too with a throat infection and a cough but it’s amazing how she’s still able to smile despite feeling miserable. It’s been an awful winter for illnesses. Speedy recovery to Felix x

    • Thanks Erika. I hope your baby girl is feeling better. It’s so difficult when they’re sick so young, I am glad she is still able to smile – that at least gives a little relief!


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