Baby products saving my life right now

Disclaimer: This post contains an affiliate link* and two gifted products**, none
of which I was required to blog about and are included because I genuinely adore the productaug-shot

Over the years, I’ve read many ‘Best Baby Buys’ articles, each touting their own as the essential must have guide, as a first time mum trying to do the best for her baby-on-the-way it’s easy to get swept up in all the hype.

One parent’s ‘best buy’ could be another’s ‘sitting-in-the-corner-collecting-dust’.

What I’ve learned through the years is that you don’t always realise what will become an essential in your parenting life and that can change from child to child and even stage to stage. So I thought I would share the things I am currently saying “Thank goodness!” for as I navigate life with a new bub;


Change Table

Initially, our change table was an indulgence buy – I read time and again about how people weren’t using their change tables, they were changing nappies on the bed, the couch, the floor but I still had to have one. It was all about the aesthetic for me, I wanted a beautiful nursery and a perfect white change table completed that look for me.

After my emergency caesarian I found it too painful to bend over to change Ellie anywhere lower than the change table.  Four babies later and I am still using it for nappy changes and dressing, it’s just easier and all the things I need are right within reach underneath.


Bugaboo Cameleon

For us, buying a Bugaboo was never about status and prestige and all about getting (what we considered to be) the best for baby. We did a lot of research and paid an arm and a leg on top of a heap of cash but loved it.

All four children have used it as an away from home bed with the bassinet attachment and for the older three it went on most outings. Once we switched to the seat, I loved that they could face me and they loved when I could face them out to the world. Earlier in my parenting life I wondered about having spent so much money on a pram, but it has stood the test of time.

Granted, it’s big and bulky and doesn’t have the easy fold up of prams you buy these days bit it runs smoothly and isn’t cumbersome to push. Unfortunately, it is too big to fit in my new car now so it’s for taking away (in James’ car), walks to the beach and it’s perfect for when it’s nap time and the kids want to ride their bikes down the street.


Nose Frida

I’ve talked about Frida before and I can’t sing her praises enough, which is weird considering it is just a tube for sucking snot.

Seriously though, winter babies with older siblings at school get sick. A lot. Felix has been sick more times in his 3 and a half months than any of the other three were in their entire first year. As gross as it is, Frida has made clearing his congested nose easy. It is gentle on his little nostrils and means we get more sleep than we would have otherwise. And right now? I need as much sleep as I can get!

* My NoseFrida affiliate link 


Ring Sling

With the Bugaboo out for getting around with my car, I was in need of another option for my chubba bubba so we bought a Mamaway ring sling. While I wish I had done some more thorough research to find a more appropriate carrier for me, it has saved me daily. School pick up, shopping, walks, making dinner, breast feeding in the snow…these are just some of the times my arms and back have been saved.

To top it off, there’s really not a whole lot better than having your baby all snugged into you.


Love to Dream Swaddle Up**


 I’ve never been good at wrapping my babies. The first three were all very strict and demanded to be tightly swaddled and so I would have to wake James after nappy changes to get him to wrap them up again, thankfully, Felix was quite happy with my sub-par efforts up until he began moving more, wriggling out and punching himself in the eyes.

Once that started I put him in the Winter Warm Love to Dream Swaddle Up we were sent to try out and we haven’t looked back. He loves having his arms up by his face to suck on and drag his toys towards him and the quilting on the front of the swaddle has kept him snug and warm throughout the coldest parts of winter. He only uses it at night, as a night time sleep signal and up until he became sick he was sleeping a good 7 hour stint after we introduced this in conjunction with his bath and story. 

When the weather warms up I think it will be time to transition him to a 50/50.


This Random Cow

I always grab a toy for playing/snuggling as we leave the house. One day, I grabbed this cow my mum gave me (she buys them for me because I am scared of cows and it’s become a weird collection) and it was love. From that moment, he had to have it sitting where he could see it at bed time and even before he could grab he was dragging it to his face to nuzzle before he sleeps.


Rainforest Friends Comfort Curve Bouncer**

Felix has been gifted this colourful Rainforest Friends Comfort Curve Bouncer from the lovely people at Fisher Price and he has been testing it out for three months now.

While I love having him in the sling, I also appreciate the chance to put him down. Currently, he’s not a huge fan of laying on his mat, even with his new found rolling skills he would prefer to be sitting, so this is perfect. 

It’s especially good for when Ellie, Kahlei or Jasper are desperate to talk to him and I’d prefer not to have a child hanging off me trying to kiss his little cheeks and tell him all their stories.

It is bright and colourful and keeps his attention (if there’s no sibling entertaining him) long enough for me to duck to the toilet or start dinner. Although he can’t reach to bat at them yet, he laughs and chats at the toys dangling from the bar, which is one of my favorite things to hear. It means I don’t get as much as I should done as I’m distracted by his adorable chatter! 


My Feeding Chair

I’m not sure what type it is (it’s from IKEA), I just know that my little chair in Felix’s room gives me the perfect opportunity to take a moment while feeding him. While it’s not technically a baby product it totally counts as saving my life right now.

When I feel overwhelmed I pop in and watch Felix sleep or we read a book and it’s been the perfect place for Ellie to snuggle him after school or the spot for Jasper to read him stories and where Kahlei tells him all about her day. It’s where I find James after work,  tickling and pulling funny faces.

Right now, I really love that it feels like I can get away from the crazy and just soak him in and even though it’s an illusion I feel refreshed to have had that little sit down all on my own with Felix.

What baby products saved your life (they might save mine one day, too)?




  1. Oh my goodness, I had this amazing bib that went around the neck, covered the whole body and tucked over the feet. I wish I could find a photograph of it. It saved my life on more than one occasion as it meant that I didn’t have to change the baby between eating and going out (he was such a messy eater).

    • Okay, I NEED one of these in my life! He’s not eating yet but he’s insisting on vomiting on his clothes after a feed. I can only imagine what it will be like once he’s eating!

  2. Just as I suspected, even though I have no need for a baby post, I had to come over anyway because I just KNEW there’d be loads of baby heart candy. You didn’t disappoint me, Beck. Glad to hear you are doing so well. Four is just crazy times, surely? x

    • Thanks for popping by even though you don’t need baby products! I’m glad I delivered – I do have a good subject to work with!
      I’m not actually finding it crazy which makes me wonder if I’ve just gone nuts and I don’t realise??

  3. Ah! What a good idea for a post! Why didn’t I think of that 🙂

    I love those swaddles. My little guy is living in them too. They’re just easier righr? And the babes seem to love them.

    I am grateful for most of the same things actually. A good feeding chair, pram and baby carrier are definitely all worth the investment xx

    • You should do one, too! I love hearing about products that work for other mums.

      The swaddles are heaps easier. I love not having to unwrap him to change his nappy – sooo much easier to just unzip the bottom!

  4. I had NO IDEA how much I’d love a change table. I didn’t have one, but my mum rushed out and bought one for me after bubs was born, because I’d had an emergency csection as well and I couldn’t bend to change him even on a bed, so it *needed* it. It was worth every cent.

    • They’re a life saver after a c-section, aren’t they? I initially felt bad for demanding one but after getting home I was so relieved!

  5. You have nailed it with these! Each of the things you’ve listed (bar the nose thingy, I’ve never tried one) have been lifesavers for us. Especially the Love to Dream swaddle. A friend told me about them when Punky was a month old and screaming the house down for hours every night. She lent me one that her daughter had grown out of and the first night we used it Punky slept the best she ever had. We didn’t look back after that and Zee was straight in to one for her first nap after birth. They are the best and I buy all new Mums one as a baby shower gift because I rate them so highly!


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