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If you follow me on Instagram you might have noticed I was very recently traipsing about the Whitsundays having a wonderful (and warm) time on my first visit to Queensland.

While we were certainly having a delicious holiday, we were there for a very important reason – one we have been waiting on for quite some time now – the wedding of two very special people.

Mostly, getting ready for our holiday was about saving, researching what we should do while there and figuring out just what we needed to take with us. Unfortunately, it also had to involve shopping for wedding appropriate clothing and considering I was going to the wedding of the most stunning woman I know I figured I would have to at least try to look half decent if possible because I knew she was going to look completely amazing (and she did).

Dress shopping is exhausting. And it hurts my feelings, so I intended on getting in and out as quickly as possible. So, I took four children, a Nanna and a hubby into a store and started sidling around the racks in the hope that I wouldn’t catch the attendants attention.

Unfortunately, Nanna didn’t have the same philosophy and dobbed me in and before I knew it I had three dresses in hand and was being ushered into the dressing rooms. 

The first dress I tried I liked, surprisingly. I went out to show my patiently waiting audience, feeling okay, only to have the attendant say “Well… that’s not horrible.” with a thoughtful finger tapping her cheek. She hurried me back to try on the next dress. A burgundy number with a gold band around the waist.

I took one look in the mirror and told my mum it was actual hate” before heading out to do a twirl, only to barely make it past the door before the woman who had insisted I try it on was waving her hands frantically and practically yelling at me to “get that off NOW!”

It’s safe to say I was feeling pretty great about myself by the time I begrudgingly put the third on. I braced myself for the comments, only to be told it was PERFECT. It was strapless so she started telling mum how to make it wearable for me while I felt quite confused. It was ok but I didn’t love it. I liked the first dress far better and had to decide between what I liked and being not horrible or what I didn’t and being perfect.

I went with the one I liked because I figured the little bit of confidence it gave would count for something.

I think in the end I scrubbed up alright.


As far as you know I am definitely being serenaded by my hubby and three brothers – this photo has nothing to do with someone pulling a grey hair out of somebody else’s head


How do you scrub up? Do you love dress shopping?
What song do you think they’re singing to me?

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  1. I hate dress shopping too. This is why I am not looking forward to my wedding.

    • You will have a great time at your wedding – planning and shopping for them are never fun though!

  2. I think you scrub up very well. Those colours look great on you and they blended in well with the guys. It looks like you’re all having fun 🙂 #teamIBOT

    • Thanks Renee! I love that it looks like we were all planning what we wore together (we didn’t) and that it’s all so bright and fun! It was such a great time.

  3. You look beautiful. Dress shopping I love it is bather shopping that kills me. You think they would be smarter in bather shops and dull the lights and put in skinny #fybf

    • Thank you Natalie. I rarely go shopping for swimmers and I NEVER try them on at the shops – I just buy and hope for the best, haha!

  4. I think you look gorgeous. x
    I don’t mind shopping when I’m in the mood for it. If I’m not, but I have to shop, then it’s just painful.

    • Thanks so much Jess x
      I’m never in the mood for shopping, I am literally the worst girl ever, I’d prefer to do anything else.

  5. Your dress looks gorgeous! I don’t mind dress shopping, as long as I find the one! I just wish I had Trinney and Susannah with me to get the perfect and most flattering style every time. That’s what I love about weddings – everyone scrubs up well, especially the bride and groom! x

  6. You scrubbed up great! The Whitsundays are my most favourite part of Queensland. Going by the pics were you at Villa Botanica for the wedding? I got married there 5 years ago now. It was a bit different back then though.

  7. I love the colours of your dress! I think you looked great and colour coordinated so well with the guys! I am all for an honest salesperson but I think sometimes they need to shut their mouths and listen to what makes the customer feel good! x

  8. Hi Becky! I think you made the right choice. If the dress feels nice on, bugger what anyone else thinks! I love the colours. I’m not a fan of shopping. I can never seem to find what I’m looking for, let alone start to work out what my style is. I hope you had a lovely holiday!

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