The 6 worst things about being a baby with older siblings


I often gush about my big kids and how they are with Felix to anyone who will listen. Recently, though, I’ve started thinking about the things that really suck about being a baby with siblings who are 4+ years old and here are some I’ve come up with (with Felix’s help, of course).

1. They always need to be picked up/dropped off just as he goes to sleep

With Ellie, Kahlei and Jasper there was only shopping that ever HAD to be done. We went where we wanted, when we wanted and it was very rarely essential to wake them. This time around, I’ve had to drop my ‘never wake a sleeping baby’ rule because once kids get to a certain age there is all this stuff.

There’s school pick up and Physie drop off, swimming, party runs, play dates and the general ‘if we don’t get out of the house NOW we will all go insane’ and Felix has that special skill of falling asleep just in time to have to be put in the car. A routine just doesn’t work and if I try to change his sleep everything gets ruined.


2. They put toys where he can’t reach them


Before Felix could control his hands, the kids loved popping this little duck on his belly at bath time. They thought the crazy kicking he would do to get it to fall off was hilarious (it was). While they are trying to encouraging him to explore and get moving, he doesn’t always seem so impressed! It’s very frustrating being a baby who can’t control his hands while the big kids are using theirs to create mischief!


3. They have things to do, so he has to sleep in weird places

Once upon a time, all my children napped in their cot at a per-determined time and it was beautiful. After he has been woken to cart the kids here, there and everywhere he then has to sleep in all kinds of weird places and positions if he wants to get a nap in and he struggles to sleep in the cot, too much room to move and home comforts, I think.


4. They do thissiblings2
And then this



5. They’re obsessed with him

While I am sure it’s lovely to be loved as madly and deeply as he is, I think it also gets pretty overwhelming. Once someone gets a hug or a kiss it’s all on, everyone is begging to have a ‘go’ holding him and if I take a photo of something cute everybody else wants in on it. I don’t know how many ‘aww’ moments have turned into ‘everybody gets a photo’ moments.

It’s not very often that he gets to just be without someone loving on him. Smooshing those cheeks, teaching him the alphabet, singing him songs….


6. They are noisy just as he goes to sleep

Yup, another sleep one, because a baby that’s not sleeping is a grumpy baby and a grumpy baby means a grumpy mummy. Generally, he’s able to sleep through their noise but for some reason, of late, that has changed and their playing is waking him. Which is awesome during the holidays!

What do you think is the worst thing about having older siblings?

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  1. Our three were 9, 10 and 11 when Missy was born. I loved the gap- sure, not always convenient with drop off etc but they all doted on her and 3 years later, they still do! So lovely and they were always so helpful!

  2. LOL!
    Yes, can so relate. On the plus side, how much fun does the baby have and how much easier is it to mother a baby so thoroughly entertained with so many helpers?! I love having 4.5 years between my youngest two and the older kids (6 altogether). There is so much love and care lavished on the youngest and it’s a joy to witness.

  3. I remember those days. I had a new born 2yr old, 4yr old & 5 yr old and as he grew he had to adapt to wherever we went. He is now 8yrs old and can survive well without much sleep, is the cruisiest kid and and still adapts to any situation.

  4. This is so cute, and yes, everything does revolve around sleep for babies. #TeamIBOT

  5. The drop off and pick up issue was always my pet hate. So hard to work around!
    This made me remember a home video we have; I’m filming the baby being cute and you can hear an older child in the background, ‘look at me!’ They have to be part of the action don’t they? 🙂


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