It’s time. For swimmers


While on our first big family holiday (and my first trip to Queensland) we did all sorts of things. Everyday involved some form of swimming, whether it was in the gorgeous pool where we were staying, overlooking the stunning Airlie Beach or snorkeling during our day trips with various tours (I WILL share all that soon, promise!).

In the lead up to going, in the madness of packing, I had that moment. The one where I thought about maybe not taking my swimmers. I thought about being in a beautiful place, surrounded by beautiful people in bikinis. I thought about the people I knew who would be there, who would probably see me and I actually considered it. Just for a moment.

Thankfully, I’d had a summer’s worth of practice. Even so, I had to get past that mental block again. While it seems so ridiculous, it can be utterly debilitating.


Once I had my swimmers on, I did things I never thought I would and didn’t have even a moment of worrying whether my body was offending those around me. I didn’t think about the other people as I took off my top and then jumped from a boat into the ocean to snorkel for the first time. I didn’t look around to see who might be gazing my way as I swam laps with my children. I didn’t cover my body with my arms as I maneuvered my way to the edge of a platform in ridiculous flippers before flinging myself into the Great Barrier Reef. I didn’t decide to stay on the edge while my kids played in the local Lagoon in favour of keeping my chubby white legs all covered up.

I was too busy enjoying myself. Loving the time spent with my family. Making memories and conquering anxieties. I didn’t think about my body at all or what others were thinking.

I got to thinking; I wasn’t wasting my time looking at them, why do I assume they want to waste their time judging me?

And, I think that’s the key – nobody is really looking and those who are? Their opinion of me is not my business and they are missing out on doing/seeing something amazing in that moment.


It’s lucky that I stepped away from the body shame because in the end, I’m pretty sure most of Airlie Beach saw my boobs at some stage during the stay. Feeding a distracted, starving baby in the heat means it’s not always possible to be completely discreet.

With summer fast approaching, I’m ready to get back into the pool with my kids, will you be donning your swimmers this season?

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  1. Great post and good on you! This is just what I needed to read actually as I am definitely super paranoid and uncomfortable about wearing swimmmers and I miss out on so much because of it! I need to get over it. Thanks for the inspiration! #TeamIBOT

    • Thanks Haidee! I hope you will get out there, you won’t regret it! Come back and let me know how you go if you do.

  2. I had the same issues as you Becky, and the same outcome. We had an amazing holiday and I did so many things I thought I would never do. I even enjoyed earning the nickname ‘dead fish’

    I never thought we could have so much fun in the water !!

    I’m proud of you xx

    • Haha. Dead fish. It’s the best. I wonder how I would have managed that if I’d not had my visitor!

  3. I just got new bathers, but I definitely feel self-conscious in my togs. Having a good supportive pair helps.

  4. So glad to read you overcame the body shaming, Becky. I’ve had a tough time accepting my new mummy body – flabby bits and all – but I always go back remembering how strong I am.

  5. Good for you! Definitely something to remember as the weather warms up! Beauty = people enjoying themselves and having a smile on their dial, regardless of their size! 😀 x

  6. I’ve never really had an issue with wearing swimmers other than finding a pair that doesn’t creep up my rear. However it was interesting last year when we went to Wet n Wild on holidays and I spotted a couple of ladies sniggering and pointing at me while I was in the pool with my son and partner’s grand daughter. I smiled because while they were sun baking and sipping coffee I was splashing about in the water and having an awesome time. I know which one I would prefer to do!


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