Recently in my Cuisine Companion | Wordless Wednesday

These are some of the things I have made recently in Connie the Cuisine Companion. I am loving experimenting and, more importantly, ending up with something edible.

What I love most is the ability to exclude/reduce sugar and eliminate preservatives and nasties. I know everything that goes into our food (mostly zucchini) and most things are quick and easy to make so I won’t be giving up anytime soon. Win win!


Rhubarb, apple and strawberry crumble


My first good birthday cake – choc mud cake with chocolate ganache for James’ birthday last month


Beetroot ‘puree’


Delicious lamb with steamed veggies


Zucchini and cinamon cake


Sticky date pudding with almonds, blue berries and coconut


Swedish Meatballs


That time I made a cake that didn’t have zucchini in it (Banana cake)


Caramel milkshake with James’ homemade caramel

What have you cooked recently?

 Linking up with Trish for Wordless Wednesday (it was going to be completely wordless but then I forgot)



  1. Wow Becky, some great meals and treats there. I forget how flexible cooking implements (like the CC and slow cookers etc) are today and am constantly gobsmacked that they’ll cook everything from cakes to casseroles!

    • Thanks Deborah! Before I had mine I didn’t realise they were just so versatile and it’s certainly something I love about it!

  2. Yummmmmm!!
    That crumble looks amazing!!
    I often wonder if I need one of those fancy schmancy machines!! If only I had more sace in my kitchen!!

    • I was a fan of the crumble! I never thought one of these machines would really help me, I was a lame cook and everything was a failure and I have been honestly surprised with how much it has changed my cooking and given me confidence. My husband actually ASKS me to bake things now!!

  3. Can you come over and cook me something Becky?? All your creations look super tasty!

    • Haha, Kirsty this comment has absolutely made my day! As an anti-domestic Goddess, nobody has ever asked me to cook something for them or suggest that my food looks so this is the best!

  4. wow, connie is impressive!

    • She really is, Stephanie!

  5. Id have trouble stopping eating all the food ….now I’m drooling.

    • Thankfully I have a hubby and kids that are more than happy to help me and thankfully I know exactly what has gone into them and feel ok about them (and myself) eating them!

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