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In August I wrote about falling down the Babywearing rabbit hole, in that post I said this; I pressed ‘CHECK OUT’, scoffing at James telling me not to become obsessed and start spending all our money on wraps…

It turns out I was almost right. Two woven wraps, a FlyTai, two ring slings and a water carrier later (which I am going to sell actually) I do feel relatively happy with my stash. They all have their place and get used with the exception of the water carrier and while I sometimes see something I would like I am no longer obsessed with finding something else.

However, the chance of all our money being spent on wraps is still a very real possibility.


Actually, it’s a much more real possibility now.

It all started innocently, with James deciding to wrap a sad Felix because I couldn’t. Then, he saw the look of complete happiness that a new wrap gave Felix. He experienced the calming effect wearing has on a baby. And he has seen the ‘Awwws’ that a man with a baby wrapped to his chest gets (or at least I have!) and now he wears him more than I do. 

One of the wraps he bought me has now become ‘his’ and he is constantly checking to see if his DISO (Desperately in search of) is in stock in a size he can work with. He even gets notified whenever that particular page is updated with an obnoxious DING!

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His DISO is a wrap version of this. Can’t say I blame him

As a whole, he seems to now know more about babywearing than I do. He knows more of the acronyms, which weave is which, he knows about blends and he is aware of new releases/re-releases from the brand he has attached himself to.

His wrapping technique is better than mine. Which is a little bit annoying but mostly, it’s all completely adorable.

There’s such a beautiful connection between the two of them and, while I’m impatiently waiting for it to be okay for me to be the one who wears him all the time when I’ve healed more, I am loving watching them. There’s nothing quite like seeing your husband with your baby in such a gorgeous way. 

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  1. These wraps are gorgeous. When my kids were little the wraps were pretty boring but now they are gorgeous .. Team #IBOT

    • These are just the tip of the iceberg really! There are so many stunning wraps these days!

  2. This is so cool! I love that he is searching for his own wraps. What a great dad he is. 🙂

    • I love it too. It’s so cute and I’ve really appreciated that he’s taken it on when I couldn’t do it. It’s so special. Although, I’ve now been banned from using ‘his’ wrap… so that’s annoying, lol.

  3. I am starting to regret my plain black (because it goes with everything) choice. They are sooo pretty!

    • There are so many amazing options out there! I’m pretty sure I am often clashing my wrap with my clothes but I figure nobody’s looking at me when I have a cutie strapped to me 😉 (at least that’s the hope!)

  4. I can see the attraction- that wrap is on my list as well but with missy being 3 we don’t wrap much anymore. I am still using the tula and my oonlamoon and ankalia ring slings though!

    • When I think about Felix being too big to be worn I start thinking we might need to have another baby, haha.
      How do you like your Ankalia? I’m interested in them but have never seen one.

  5. Hi Becky,
    it´s very cool that your husband discovered babywearing for himself – mine was wearing our son a lot when he was younger, too. (but only in a half buckle, wrapping scares him 😉 ). Is your hubby still searching for his DISO? If so, which size is he searching for?

    Best wishes, Nadine

    • Hi Nadine, thanks for taking the time to comment! It is very cool. I am loving it.
      He actually found it in a 6 and tried it for the first time today. Although, in saying that he now is DISO a couple of other Lenny Lambs (my bank account is going to start wishing they would stop releasing new pretties).

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