Reasons my baby can’t nap this afternoon

There’s nothing quite like a sleeping baby (I type as mine wakes. Figures.) The soft sighs, gentle snores and the face of an Angel. The opportunity to breathe while taking in the beauty that is your babe with no demands to be met.

Unfortunately, sleep has been a struggle in varying degrees since Felix was sick with bronchiolitis in July. Obviously, it started out as issues with him feeling unwell but more recently it has been general life mixed with new and evolving skills which have been causing sleeplessness.

Here are just some of the reasons Felix won’t be able to nap this afternoon;

He’s not really sure exactly how this bassinet thing works. Even though he has slept in it for 7 months.


He doesn’t think there’s enough room for him and his fluffy friends to sleep comfortably.


His bottom has a mind of it’s own and won’t keep down, so he must practice crawling.


Mum is hilarious. Sleeping would mean missing out on her hilarity and we can’t have that.


Trying to stand up is MUCH more fun. At least until mum makes you move to the cot because of it.


Now he has too much room.


And his bottom still won’t stay down.


The bars of his cot provide too many opportunities to be cute and play boo and sleep always takes second place to boo.


Somehow, after wriggling and rolling his way over, his thigh has found itself stuck in the bars and, obviously, he can’t sleep with half his body sticking out like that.


As you can see, there are plenty of legitimate reasons Felix won’t have his afternoon nap. There are also things like needing to constantly practice saying Dada, blowing raspberries and needing to grab his feet or watch his hands and I am just mean for wanting him to stop all that and have a lovely sleep.

At least he is cute while avoiding sleep…

What legitimate reasons does (did) your baby have for not napping?

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  1. He’s adorable! My youngest wouldn’t sleep unless we cuddled her πŸ™‚

  2. I’m going with too happy to sleep!

  3. Haha, certainly seems familiar! I remember having the same battles with my second son but lay on mummy and sleeping became easy! Little tykes! He such a cutie! #TeamIBOT

  4. He is so cute Becky. It must be hard to be frustrated when he smiles like that πŸ™‚

  5. What a cutie!!

  6. He’s gorgeous! I’ve got the same battles with my 8mo girl … she got sick a few weeks back and cut two teeth at the same time. We’re only starting to get back on track now – sort of πŸ˜‰ – and my coffee machine has been well used over of late!

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