Stuck on the couch


You guys, I am currently stuck on the couch.

This little man, he’s giving me a run for my money and right now, is having the best nap he’s had all year – possibly longer, so I dare not move.

I have a planner full of blog post ideas – it’s over there, waaay out of reach. I can see it, mocking me with all it’s great content. I have a memory card and phone full of photos for certain posts but my camera is in my room and the plug for the phone has gone walk about. I promised myself I would blog more this year. Blog or bust. Something like that, I feel like it’s a make of break year for this space.

I’ve got heaps of printing to do, so I’ve lined all that up only to discover the printer is out of paper.

So, here I am – stuck under a hot and sweaty, but totally cute, 10 kilo baby. Thinking random thoughts, busting to do a wee, and hoping lunch is making itself and going to bring itself out (that will happen, right?).

Right now, I am;

Dreaming about what I’d like to do on the imaginary break I’ve planned in my mind. Sleeping and reading and just being alone.

Mentally designing my new tattoo, which will probably end up being my actual block of break time because going away just isn’t on the cards. It’s going to be so pretty.

Imagining myself stand up paddle boarding. I really want to try it but am so uncoordinated that even in my imagination I end up in the water (lucky it’s a hot day, so the water is refreshing and the sting rays are far enough away to not jab me).

Obsessing about when I might get to colour again (and annoyed that it’s over there somewhere!), right now it might be one of the few things keeping me sane right now.


Feeling rebellious. When something online says to ‘double tap’ or ‘like’ an image, I want to yell at them that they can’t tell me what to do and I won’t like on principle (even if I do actually enjoy the post). Apparently I am still a teenager at heart.

Frustrated that I am still struggling to make friends and build a village.

Hoping that Felix doesn’t 1) wake up too soon, 2) wake up grumpy and 3) lose his chub anytime soon.

Wondering how my biggies are doing at school (Jasper didn’t want to go today, which was tough).

And I am (silently, in my head) yelling at the kitchen staff because my lunch still isn’t here and it’s almost time for pick up. Rude. I think I might put in a formal complaint.

What would you be thinking if you were stuck under a sleeping baby?

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ETA: He did not wake happy. He was a grump who seemed to need another nap practically instantly. The joys.




  1. I remember those feelings so well. Staring at a sleeping Bub who you dare not move. Hungry, thirsty, busting for a wee, phone just out of reach, remote nowhere to be seen, abc kids on the telly…. Sigh!

  2. Oh I can still feel the weight of being stuck under a sleeping bub. Fingers going tingly, becoming at one with the couch!

  3. I found myself in this situation the other day with a toddler. She wanted to sit on my lap while I was working at my desk, so I obliged, and then she promptly fell asleep (giving up the day sleep is hard work dontcha know?!) and of course then my 4 year old starting yelling out to me from the bathroom that she had done a poo and needed help with wiping. Let’s just say you can do more than you think you can (including wiping the bottom of a preschooler while 12 kgs of toddler sleeps dangling over your shoulder, lol). I do miss the days when they would fall asleep on my when they were tiny, it was such a contradiction of loving it but at the same time wanting to do all the things!

  4. This is me all the time! Except I have a 1 month old… Love his zippy by the way!
    Lovely to stop by your blog (found you at IBOT) – don’t think I’ve been here before so will have a look around 🙂

  5. OMG I would be so restless stuck under a baby haha. I have no advice though.

  6. It’s amazing the things we can think to do when we physically can’t do them. It’s like when you are told to fast for a medical reason and suddenly you want to eat all the food!

  7. Haha I am with you on the feeling rebellious bit. I get like that with TV ads. When they tell me “Do this now” or “you just have to …” I yell back at the TV … “YOU do this now” or “YOU just have to …”. I know. I’m strange 😉

  8. It’s been a looooooong time since I was under a sleeping baby.Back then I was probably flicking through informercials buying diamondesque rings.

  9. I remember those days but I didn’t blog then so I would sit and read – not daring to move. I wish I could get them back

  10. Remember those days well, although for my youngest is turning 15 this month. 15! Not entirely sure how that happened so quickly.

  11. I think I would be sleeping too these days, though I do recall in the moment I found it so frustrating and all I wanted to do was get up and get stuff done. I miss those times now. x

  12. Oh, I well remember this. Actually I have a sleeping almost 20 month old on me now, but she is strapped into the ergo.

  13. Oh how I remember those days well. My daughter used to only ever want to nap on me until she was about a year old. I loved it and loathed it at the same time. I loved the snuggles but everything was always too far out of reach and I ALWAYS had to pee after only a few minutes.

  14. Yep, I remember this when my now 4-year-old-son was a baby. I have to prepare myself for it again this year with #2 coming in July. I remember it frustrated the hell out of me because I’m someone who needs to be doing something all the time. I found it so hard to just sit in my thoughts and thinking about what I had to be doing!


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