‘Old’ people and Snapchat


Recently I joined Snapchat and, like all good ‘older’ people,  I did so fashionably late after proclaiming it the work of the devil (okay, maybe I didn’t go that far, but I may recall saying it was stupid and pointless).

Despite my insistence that the app was for hoodlums, I eventually made the leap for two reasons – 1) filters and 2) my kids knew alllll about it and, even though they’re not joining them yet, I want to keep on top of any social media they know about.

And, I have to admit, I’ve actually been pleasantly surprised.


I’m loving it as an alternative to messaging to keep in touch with people and as a way to have a few laughs with my kiddos with the fun filters and, guess what? I haven’t even had to send a dick pic!? Nor have I received any. I was under the impression that THAT was all it was! Instead, I’m able to send my hubby silly photos and updates on what the kids are up to and watch my beautiful niece and nephew do normal, everyday things even though they’re far away.


Shopping lists. How I use Snapchat.

I’m pretty addicted to it.

And, I have come to a point in my life where I walk around places, talking to myself in order to share my everyday moments on my story. Like, at the zoo the other day. It’s hard to describe exactly why I’m enjoying it so much, because I realise I’m just talking to my phone essentially and it’s possible that nobody else will see it but somehow, sharing my day-to-day in that way makes me feel less alone and isolated.

It’s particularly awesome when others start snapping their response to my story and I can see that I’m not the only mumma in the midst of a washing pile or struggling with nap time.

My first mundane snapchat story. Where it all began

As I said above, the kids are pretty adept at using it, having been introduced through taking selfies with various aunts and uncles. Both James and I enjoy including them in funny snaps and even Felix is loving it but I still feel nervous about the day they start using things like this themselves.


Thankfully, we’ve still got time before all that happens. Time to chat about and model appropriate behaviour on social media and to hopefully make sure they realise the implications of what they send and post.


My brother and I on his 21st birthday

Do you snapchat?
Come snap me your mundane life – bybecky83
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  1. Yes, Snapchat. I have been having a royal time with this app!
    Mostly just making silly videos of myself using those fun filters.
    I can imagine just how addictive this could become so I am reading up quite a bit on this.

    • I love it too – but not as active as I was in the first few weeks 🙂 I’m minxymummy. I had to get my seven year old to show me how the lenses worked.

  2. Snapchat is one that I haven’t been able to venture into – but you put forth a persuasive case! I do believe it is important for parents not only to know what these social media things are about but in using them we show our kids how to use them wisely. So well done! and for me – it’s still a probably – maybe – one day soon! (Visiting from #IBOT)

  3. I’ve tried it a few times but still feel very meh towards it.

  4. I’m a bit older than you, so I’m going to be even more fashionably late. As tempting as it is, I haven’t created an account yet because I don’t want to get hooked on another social media platform. Your break, milk one had me laughing though!

  5. I used to Snapchat a couple of years ago, before it got all cool with the filters and what-not. But I didn’t have many friends who used it so when I got a new phone I didn’t bother adding the app again. Now it’s got all of these funny filters and thanks to my sister the girls absolutely LOVE it! Whenever we see her they are instantly asking to make funny faces with her. It does make for some super cute and funny photos. So funny in fact that my husband, who is only one step above a luddite downloaded it so he could do take photos with the filters with the girls. I might have to download it again just to see what all the fuss is about, or at the very least, to annoy my husband with silly photos, lol!

  6. Miss 19 is an addict and I have enjoyed seeing some of her stuff and the filters etc, but I’m resisting LOL

  7. I’ve just jumped on the bandwagon for the reasons you described. Though I’m not using it a lot and the only person I’m messaging atm is Boatman.
    Honestly, I’m still trying to work it out.

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