DMW Challenge


My grandpa, who turned 89 on the weekend

When I lived with my grandparents as a teen, my grandfather was always telling me to “DMW”. If I said I had a headache, he would say “DMW!”, tap the bench twice with his fingers and smile at me. I would groan, roll my eyes and choose the teeniest cup to fill up with water and begrudgingly drink it down.

It went this way with most things. Grumpy? DMW. Sick? DMW. Hungry? DMW.

He would randomly fill up a glass and carefully bring it to me at different intervals throughout the day. I have to laugh (to myself) whenever I see him do the same these days for my nan. I see her huff and remember those feelings but I know he’s just trying to do what’s best for her as he was for me all those years ago.

As with so many things, it turns out my grandpa was right all those years. Drinking more water is something I should do.


Turns out he was right. Go figure 😉

These days I do drink much more water than I once did. However, I still struggle to get as much as I should. For some reason, I love my big, tall glasses of water with dinner at night. I can smash them down and just love the taste. In the morning? It’s a real issue. I hate the taste and it’s a real fight to get it down.

Through out the day it’s something I just don’t think about.

As I strive to recover from my PND I am taking tiny steps to change things that need to change, breaking it all down so I don’t get overwhelmed while still doing things differently. So, I am doing to challenge myself to fulfill my water needs daily for the next fortnight and hopefully it will become a habit.

Do you drink enough water? Do you need to join me in my #DMWchallenge?
Any tips for getting my 8 cups a day?

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  1. I drink a lot of water. Since my PKD diagnosis, 8 cups a day has been my minimum. I have a massive pint glass and before I eat breakfast, I fill and drink from it twice. Means I’ve already had half of what I need before my day officially starts. Then I carry around a drink bottle all day and just keep drinking, just keep drinking.
    Great post. Good luck. #teamIBOT

    • Thanks Emily. It always seems like it should be easy to get enough water and I don’t really know why it’s so hard for me.
      I quite like the idea of having half my required amount in the morning. I might have to give that a try.

  2. I seriously need to join you in this challenge Becky as I don’t drink anywhere near the amount of water I should. I used to be good when i was at work but now I fill up on cups of tea throughout the day instead. I’m off to get my water bottle and put it next to my computer – thanks for the reminder and good luck in your challenge!

    • Good luck Kirsty! I hope you did well today! I have to say day one was ok, hoping to do even better tomorrow!

  3. Always trying to Drink More Water. I’ll smash down three glasses first thing in the morning and then struggle to remember for the rest of the day. Until 6pm and then it (sometimes) carries through to Drink More Wine 😉

    • I think I need to get more in first thing.
      Haha, I like that. It’s a pity I don’t drink wine otherwise I could use that one too!

  4. Happy Birthday to your Grandfather! He is not a lot older than my father. My Dad will turn 86 in November. I can’t believe it. Your Grandfather is right though – drink more water! 😉

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