About The Blog

‘Living life with purpose and passion’

Sometimes crafty, occasionally educational, often raw and always honest BeckyandJames.com is a place to reflect, vent, share and explore as I find my way through motherhood, PND, moving, making new friends and life in general while trying to focus on living a life of purpose. Currently concentrating on doing my bit to remove the stigma surrounding Post Natal Depression and encourage mothers to take care of themselves to be the best they can be for their families.


About The Blogger + Family

Becky – mother, wife, reader, blogger and wanna be photographer

James – father, husband, gardener-extraordinaire, Xerox man and V8 Supercar lover

Ellie – my little Diva

Kahlei – my little Princess

Jasper – my Little Man

The Important Stuff

Here are a few bits and pieces about me that you don’t know, but obviously need to know!

* I am 28, although, I often think I am still 23..

* I always dreamt of being a writer. I used to write horror, and soon discovered I could only write while in the dark hole of depression. Then my husband ruined my dream by making me happy. HAPPY dammit!

* Cows and emus terrify me

* I am appalled by my husband’s new found love of Glee and sudden crush on Rachel

* I am even more disgusted by my sudden, ultra-secret love of Glee

* And I like Sue…

* My all time favourite movie is Fight Club

* I am almost completely sure that Area 51 is the hiding place for ‘dead’ celebrities like Elvis to hide from the world

* I want to sell my photos

* There is no such thing as too much stationery. Ever