Finding 100 Little Lights

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Sometimes, when there are lots of things piling on top of me I manage to lose my way and not realise I am being particularly grumpy. Other times, at the start, I realise things are going downhill but then more things come at me and it simply happens that I just am.

And I continue to be.

If you’ve ever suffered depression, you might know what I am talking about. Or I might be talking crazy talk (it happens, don’t worry).

James has mentioned that lately I have been particularly depressive. It’s not awesome to hear. In fact, it can be quite disheartening and crushing to hear.

Disheartening but not entirely surprising. I’ve been raw. Struggling to cope. Feeling abandoned. Tired and now sick thanks to my children being so lovingly sharing with their germs. It’s accumulated and now it seems I am buried by the weight. I just didn’t know.

PND can be a dark journey at times and if you don’t find little lights to guide you back to the path or show you there is light at the end of the tunnel it can become ongoing.

This year, I want to find these little lights. I want to seek out those moments that light up my life. I want to always have a little something I can turn to when I feel down in order to lift my mood and maybe, just maybe, find a way to move away from the darkness and into the light. Permanently. One can hope.

Once I’ve found them I want to share them, as well as having them easily accessible for myself when needed I want it to be easy for others who may need a light to find them, too.

A Little Light can be anything that gives you time to breathe, brings a smile to your face, makes you feel refreshed or happy. Here are a few I’ve thought of so far;

Little Lights to help find your way through depression, Positive things to when you're down,

Would you like to help me make a list of Little Lights? I would love to have 100 Lights to share in a couple of months.

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