How to start solid foods with your baby

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Introducing solids to your baby is an exciting and special time. Another milestone reached by baby and a big step in part of your parenting journey. Starting babies on solids can also be a time of stress and confusion when there are so many differing guidelines, tips and opinions out there on how, what and when to feed baby solids.

As a mother of four children I have made mistakes and discoveries along the way and I have three quick tips to help you simplify starting solids;

  1. Follow baby’s lead
  2. Arm yourself with knowledge and trust yourself
  3. Back yourself up


When to start solids

Once baby is around 6 months old and sitting up with support you can start thinking about what approach you’re going to take to starting solids. Watching for cues, which indicate they are interested and ready, will make introducing solids to baby easier, not to mention a more pleasant experience for all involved!


Starting Baby on Solids

It is recommended to start baby on solid foods with the traditional spoon-feeding of purees.

Along our baby feeding journey we have come to a mixed feeding arrangement which works for us.

starting baby on solids, starting solids with baby, starting solids, how to start solids with baby, when to start solid foods, solid foods, introducing solids, introducing solid foods

Felix eats what we eat for the most part, in easy to pick up and consume pieces. However, as we’re a busy family, there are often nights when we’re having something not suitable for him, we’re out and about, traveling (which seems quite often lately) or if it’s simply a busy night, we use store bought baby food.

Whether it be on its own or to fill out a meal, it’s important to us that we support our food and lifestyle choices by choosing a brand which fits with our ideals and produces high quality, nutritional baby food.

Heinz nutritionists who are also mums approve the recipes. The recipes are produced using high quality ingredients, sourced from Australia where possible and then lovingly made in country Victoria. The meals are steam cooked to lock in the flavours.

All of which gets a big tick from me.

My brief for solids for baby is simple; it needs to be nutritious without preservatives, added sugar or salt (I don’t cook with salt at all) and there needs to be enough flavour to keep baby happy. Nobody likes feeding baby solids they don’t enjoy (mostly because you end up wearing it all!).

With lots of yummy flavours, such as Felix’s current favourites, Heinz Apple and Blueberry Yoghurt and Heinz Chicken, Sweetcorn and Mango, I feel happy to supplement and compliment his meals with their range.

starting baby on solids, starting solids with baby, starting solids, how to start solids with baby, when to start solid foods, solid foods, introducing solids, introducing solid foods

Your baby starting solids is a big deal, for them and you. You’re both learning what works and what doesn’t while trying to create life long healthy eating habits and making sure they are getting everything they need to grow, learn and play.

It seems a daunting concept, so not only do you need to carefully consider when to introduce solids you also have to figure out all the ins and outs of doing so but don’t forget that it is also new and fun.

And remember, no matter which method of feeding you choose, one thing is universal – solid food for babies is a messy business.

Embrace the crazy, messy, fun times! 

starting baby on solids, starting solids with baby, starting solids, how to start solids with baby, when to start solid foods, solid foods, introducing solids, introducing solid foods


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Felix Turns ONE!

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On Sunday, my little chubba turned the big ONE.

It’s been quite a year. It has flown by so very fast, but there have been days and weeks that have been so, so very looooong. In so many ways, it has been the best year and in others it has been the hardest.

We had a quiet day, playing with his new toys (he was a pro at unwrapping!) and exploring some rock pools before letting him loose on a little cake I made for him. I think he enjoyed himself.



Loving his new toys*









“What is this you’re feeding me? Not sure I like it”



“Oh, yea – turns out I do!”


Beautiful sharing




Clean up time

It’s the first time we’ve done a (teeny tiny) ‘cake smash’ and it was so fun watching him enjoy it. I thought outside was the best bet for keeping the mess to a minimum, surprisingly there wasn’t much!

Have you done a cake smash before?
What have you been up to?

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* Little People Big Animal Zoo gifted to Felix by Fisher Price


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Hello, my name is Becky

Posted by on Mar 8, 2016 in Motherhood, Post Natal Depression | 15 comments


Hello, my name is Becky. You might remember from my most recent post. Or maybe not. I’ve been thinking about this blog a lot lately but not getting around to actually blogging, even though I promised myself I would give it a good go this year.

I want to be here but I don’t have the energy to put together words and thoughts into something that makes sense and is worth reading. Although Felix’s sleep has been improving, I’m still struggling badly. It’s too late for it to be an easy fix with some more sleep now. And I don’t want to come here and carry on and whinge about how bad my life is, because it’s not bad, but I’m finding it so hard to enjoy the things I should be.

I also don’t want to not be here, not sharing my struggles because I know the value of sharing the truths of parenthood and postnatal depression. For others and myself.


Mostly, I am furious with myself. That I’m here and can’t find a way around or out. That I feel so frustrated when (all the time) any of my children follow me anywhere (everywhere) and want to share their stories and thoughts constantly. I’m heartbroken, because I love that and it won’t be long before they won’t want to do that but it is SO draining right now.

I hate that, instead of being happy to hear Felix’s waking noises, I sigh and think “Really, already?”.

I’m insanely lonely. I have started feeling overwhelming jealousy when I see mothers out having coffees, doing lunch or posting happy snaps on line with all their mummy friends. I’ve spent three years standing at the front gate at pick up and am still not finding much in the way of friendship. I’ve met some lovely ladies but the people I am expending my energy on while waiting at pick up are mostly those who are happy to move on when someone better to talk to arrives (my favourite time was recently when the lady who approached me stopped midway through her own sentence to go talk to someone else).

I’m hanging in there. Trying to go gently with myself and embrace what I can. Holding onto the idea of the holiday James has bought plane tickets for in August (please, please, please) and just doing what I can.

What else could I possibly do?

Thanks for letting me vent, got anything to get off your chest?


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Kindy x3

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This Thursday, I will become a Kindy mum for the third time in four years. I feel confident that I know what I’m doing and, of all the children I’ve sent, Jasper is the most ready in basically every way. 

It certainly helps to have older siblings at school when it comes to getting comfortable; there is no better orientation. 

Jasper is ready to run the school. 

While, I, personally am finding this the hardest start yet. It’s no secret that I struggle with sending my munchies to school. I always want holidays to last longer – even when it’s a struggle and I wish I was capable of homeschooling but I would need a support system for that to be possible, so here we are. 


I’m not worried about him in terms of making friends and being capable to learn, getting lost or not knowing what to do. I just hope his beautiful, sensitive and unique self will remain as unchanged as possible while growing and learning. Because school does change things and it isn’t always in the best ways. 

He’s ready and I’ve come to accept that my little helper is no longer going to spend most of his time with me. It definitely helps that we have amazing teachers I can trust. 

If the next two days could go slowly, though, that would be ace (although, after Thursday, I do get a second chance as he doesn’t go again until Tuesday).

Have you got a littlie starting school this year? How are you feeling?

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I was looking forward to holidays. Until they started

Posted by on Dec 23, 2014 in Motherhood, Pregnancy | 5 comments

As the school year finished up (with numerous discos) I was relieved and excited about the up coming holidays. I didn’t have any spectacular, or even any particular, plans. I was simply thrilled to do away with lunches, uniforms and the confines of the school day and happy about the prospect of having my baby girls home.

We are now 6 days in and, thus far, it has been a nightmare. We didn’t even make it 10 minutes into day one without a mammoth tantrum and it has continued that way ever since.

Two of my children are currently competing for the ‘grumpiest child’ award, which is to be created in their honour while the third is trying her best to simply enjoy her time (thank goodness) but her happiness often makes her a target for Grumpy 1 and Grumpy 2.

As for me, I am somewhat grumpy myself and in plenty of pain thanks to the recurrence of my SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction). Baby Patch has started partying from 8.30pm into the early hours of the morning on a nightly basis so I am extra tired to boot. And, apparently, I am ruining the holidays and making them boring.

So, today, instead of going to the zoo as planned, we are having a quieter day. There WILL be naps. There WILL be rest and tomorrow we all WILL be in a better mood. So help me. And, then I am ready to reset and try some new ways to start enjoying the holidays!

How are your holidays shaping up?
Have you got any good ideas to help me out?

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway while you’re here!


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Conversations with my boy

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Classic JazzyH

With two girls now in school, Jasper and I get to spend a whole lot of time together. He’s an energetic 3 and a half, full of sunshine, chatting, energy, tantrums and craziness. He is teetering on the edge of boyhood with a tiny bit of baby lingering.

He wants to do things himself but he always wants me to carry him (all 17kgs of him) when we are out and about. He loves doing his jobs but also adores making ‘baby talk’ with lots of goo-goo gaa-gaas.

It’s a busy time of bitter-sweet moments.

Big boy

Yesterday, as we were waiting for the doctor to call us, we had a lovely chat about the baby just up from us who was having a tantrum. Jasper was very interested in it all and thought it was hilarious when I told him that he would have a tantrum in the waiting room at that age every time. Without fail.

And then, he says to me (in a quite obvious segway); “The toof fairy came took Ellie’s tooth.”Me: “Yes, she did.”
Jazzy: “Why?”
Me: “Because she collects teeth.”
Jazzy: “But why?”
Me: “Because… She likes to?”
Jazzy: “But it’s too big. Heavy.”
Me: “You think the teeth are too heavy for the tooth fairy?”
Me: “So, how does she get them home do you think?”
Jazzy: “She magics them down, down, down and then she can.”
Me: “What does she do with them, do you think?”
Jazzy: “Ellection box (collection box like the kids have for their bits and bobs.”
Me: “That’s a good idea.”
Jazzy: “Then in the morning she gets up, paints them. Blue, purple, pink. All the colours.”

Tree Jazzy

I just love his mind.

Have you had any good convos lately?

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