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‘Old’ people and Snapchat

Posted by on Jun 14, 2016 in Life Stuff | 8 comments


Recently I joined Snapchat and, like all good ‘older’ people,  I did so fashionably late after proclaiming it the work of the devil (okay, maybe I didn’t go that far, but I may recall saying it was stupid and pointless).

Despite my insistence that the app was for hoodlums, I eventually made the leap for two reasons – 1) filters and 2) my kids knew alllll about it and, even though they’re not joining them yet, I want to keep on top of any social media they know about.

And, I have to admit, I’ve actually been pleasantly surprised.


I’m loving it as an alternative to messaging to keep in touch with people and as a way to have a few laughs with my kiddos with the fun filters and, guess what? I haven’t even had to send a dick pic!? Nor have I received any. I was under the impression that THAT was all it was! Instead, I’m able to send my hubby silly photos and updates on what the kids are up to and watch my beautiful niece and nephew do normal, everyday things even though they’re far away.


Shopping lists. How I use Snapchat.

I’m pretty addicted to it.

And, I have come to a point in my life where I walk around places, talking to myself in order to share my everyday moments on my story. Like, at the zoo the other day. It’s hard to describe exactly why I’m enjoying it so much, because I realise I’m just talking to my phone essentially and it’s possible that nobody else will see it but somehow, sharing my day-to-day in that way makes me feel less alone and isolated.

It’s particularly awesome when others start snapping their response to my story and I can see that I’m not the only mumma in the midst of a washing pile or struggling with nap time.

My first mundane snapchat story. Where it all began

As I said above, the kids are pretty adept at using it, having been introduced through taking selfies with various aunts and uncles. Both James and I enjoy including them in funny snaps and even Felix is loving it but I still feel nervous about the day they start using things like this themselves.


Thankfully, we’ve still got time before all that happens. Time to chat about and model appropriate behaviour on social media and to hopefully make sure they realise the implications of what they send and post.


My brother and I on his 21st birthday

Do you snapchat?
Come snap me your mundane life – bybecky83
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Posted by on Jun 7, 2016 in Life Stuff | 1 comment


So, on Sunday I turned 33, which seems entirely unlikely considering I still think I’ 23. Apparently that was TEN. YEARS. AGO. 


We celebrated inside for the most part, thanks to the East Coast Low that is currently pounding our area (and so many others) with games like Uno, Headbandz and Go Fish.


And cake.

It’s the most enjoyable weekend I’ve experienced in what feels like a long time. Simple and full of smiles and laughter. I don’t think you could ask for anything more for your 23rd* birthday.

How was your weekend?

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I have nothing to offer you

Posted by on May 31, 2016 in Life Stuff, Post Natal Depression | 18 comments

moruya sunset, far south coast nsw, eurobodalla, medication, medicated, postnatal depression, pnd, no shame, fight the stigma, anxiety

I won’t lie, I felt quite relieved with the recent spate of ‘useless blogger’ posts (which were ignited by this post by Veggie Mama). The pressure to be useful has been a real weight for me as I’ve struggled with life stuff of late. I’ve briefly touched on some of those things in the last few posts. 

In fact, I’ve just done a quick scroll and seen that every post this year (except for my Mexiball recipe post) has been about how I’m struggling or the horrible things that have been going on. There hasn’t been many, but what there has been hasn’t offered anything to anyone and I’ve been avoiding writing for fear of taking up more space and time with a whole lot of nothing.

Because, the truth is, I have nothing to offer you.

medication, medicated, postnatal depression, pnd, no shame, fight the stigma, anxiety

Nothing. At all. 

I have just started back on anti-depressants to fight my anxiety and depression and am happy when I’ve simply made it through another day. I’m doing the bare essentials and it is exhausting enough. There is nothing left in the tank for creating interesting and engaging content.

Yet, knowing this, I have recently decided to try and be here more often. To post more. Even if it is about my struggles. Because, while I have nothing to offer you, this space and your visits have a lot to offer me.


Hope. Compassion. A place to be myself. Understanding. A place to feel less alone.

So, I’m going to be selfish and hope you keep coming back to this place where I offer you nothing to uplift me and then, maybe one day I will have something to give back.

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Life Lately

Posted by on May 10, 2016 in Life Stuff | 10 comments


I’ve had posts to write and others to schedule recently but I’ve found myself stuck.

A terrible thing happened. 

It’s not my story to tell, yet it is something which has deeply impacted my life and that of my family. I haven’t known how to move forward here in this space. To simply continue posting without touching on what has happened feels like I’m glossing over, pretending and denying the importance of it all. I’ve tried. It feels like I’m saying “everything is fine!” to the world, when it’s not.

After much debate, I’ve decided to briefly touch on what has been going on.

Last month I posted, sharing a line and photo about my mum getting married. It was a beautiful day. Devastatingly, her husband passed away a day short of their one month anniversary. Three weeks ago yesterday.


I didn’t want to continue on here without taking the time to acknowledge, remember and respect Rex and the big part he played in our lives.

Life lately has been tough.

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