{July} Taking Stock

As part of Denyse’s Life This Week link up, she has optional topics which you can join in with, so this week I thought I would try my first taking stock post given that it’s the middle of the year, the start of July and it’ll be fun to look back on.

Making : art journal pages
Cooking : less as James has found a passion for making curries and other belly warming meals
Drinking : more water
Reading : Small Gods by Terry Pratchett
Wanting : an adventure
Looking : at gorgeous art journal spreads on IG
Playing : Fortnite with James
Wishing : it wasn’t so cold
Enjoying : watching vlogs on Youtube, about anything and everything
Waiting : for a parcel – why do they always come so late when it’s for me but when it’s for James they’re early??
Liking :  warm blankets and beanies
Wondering : what I should do with my life
Loving : playing with my Dylusions Paints
Pondering : cutting my hair
Buying : too many things on AliExpress…
Watching : Riverdale
Hoping : the side effects from doubling my meds won’t last long
Marvelling : at how well my big munchies go in their sporting pursuits – they did not get their abilities from me!
Cringing : at the thought of the folding I should be doing
Needing : some time alone
Wearing : slippers
Noticing : that our garden is full of gorgeous flowers which are attracting bees finally
Thinking : it’s time to get fit
Listening: to the Greatest Showman soundtrack
Sorting : out my life
Giggling : at Felix and all his funny sayings
Feeling : exhausted
Hearing : Felix singing

8 thoughts on “{July} Taking Stock

  1. Ooh slippers. Yes! I love the short time each year when it’s cold enough for slippers.

  2. What a coincidence. I’m cringing at folding and wondering what to do with my life too! Enjoy the art and YouTube videos xo

  3. I am also watching many vlogs especially arts and crafts I and enjoyed your last art one.

  4. Hi Becky!!!! Loving the fact that you are still blogging. How awesome to be able to connect in the blogosphere again. Looking forward to reading more and staying in touch. Caz

  5. Aren’t the songs from The Greatest Showman fantastic! I also ponder what I’m supposed to be doing with my life, and here, here to online shopping and parcels arriving – such a thrill! These Taking Stock posts are so great for getting to know more about a person. xo

  6. I still have not viewed The Greatest Showman and as a lover of Musicals I need to do this…stat!
    How good it must be having James cook. Cooking dinner every night is so boring and annoying…well that is what it was for me.
    I hope the meds work out for you too.
    Dylusion inks are in my possession in spray containers and I love using them but because we are renting I would have to go outside to use them on a non-windy day but I love them too.
    So good to have you blogging more and I hope you have caught up on the FB page Caz and Jacqui started and so many people are there now. Love it.
    Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek. Next week’s optional prompt is “My Home Country” 28/52. Denyse x

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