Sydney holiday vlog

In August (about a month ago now) we took the Munchies to their first concerts. Pink for the big Munchies and Katy Perry for Felix. After last year, we wanted to make sure we took the time to do some fun, exciting and memorable experiences as a family when we can this year. Honestly, seeing their reactions were the best and I wish I could take them to their first concerts all over again.

This is a video I put together of our Katy Perry weekend (our Pink trip was ridiculously rushed).


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4 thoughts on “Sydney holiday vlog

  1. What a fantastic concert! Such an amazing experience for the kids đŸ˜€ Felix looks so grown up now.

    1. Thanks Nat, it was great. I know! He’s looking like a kid now and not my baby. Lots of people keep asking me if he’s at school!!

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