When no answer is your only answer

If you’ve been around here awhile you’ll know James doesn’t do health woes by half.

I mean, sure, he still gets man flu in the normal man flu way but he also goes the extra mile in areas you never expect. It started a little over 10 years ago when he headed to emergency, worried he might have whooping cough in the lead up to Kahlei’s birth. I don’t even remember if the whooping cough was addressed, what I recall is James being held for his dangerously high blood pressure.

Because he was 25 he was sent from one test to another. Months on months of questions and medication adjustments.

Then, there was the eye incident. Also, he has a cataract on that eye now, so there’s that.

Just as I was starting to freak out a little less whenever his eye was swollen or terribly blood shot after a day at work, a new issue arose.

As we headed to my dad’s birthday party, James got tingly in his arms and legs to the point where he could no longer drive. A sudden migraine came on, he couldn’t walk when I pulled up to an Emergency on the way.

We did make it to the party, but things have been weird ever since. A few days later, we spent much of Christmas Day in the local ED as it all happened again with a terrible stomach ache on top.

He has been tested for stroke numerous times, had an ECG, bloods, MRI. He’s been told they’re mostly sure it’s not MS. He’s been put on Beta blockers and referred to a neurologist, which will happen in April.

He’s still, for the most part, tingly and often numb in his arms and legs. The headaches don’t come on as strong or as often now and he is able to go about life. I hate not having answers, though.

Merry Christmas

He drives a lot for work and, while I try not to, I do worry what would happen if it was to get that bad again and he was off in some random place. I’m the type of person who wants a comprehensive answer with reasons and a full list of things to avoid or do to stop issues getting worse or to progress healing.

And, I’m pretty keen on a little less drama.

Still, I know we are so lucky. Knowing people who are struggling with so much worse, I find it hard to not feel terrible about focusing on where we are.

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One thought on “When no answer is your only answer

  1. I have read this and mulled over it. Gosh Becky what a time it’s been for a LONG time for James…and for you.
    I hope there are real and helpful answers soon as living in uncertainty is the pits…let along while you are doing your best with your own health issues.

    Sending love…always!

    You have certainly provided some great ideas and ranges of clothing.
    Thanks for linking up for #lifethisweek. Next week’s optional prompt is 10/51 Share Your Snaps #2. 11/3/19. Denyse Whelan

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